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Summer wouldn't be summer without humid thunderstorms and rain..


And with rain all sorts of animals cross our path. Like for instance this golden brown garden snails which I stmbled across earlier...


Most of you know, that snails are herbivores, eating vegetables, fruits and flowers. But without the web I would not know, that they have four tentacles - with the top ones they can see, but with the bottom, smaller ones, they can smell.


Because of their nature of living it is commonly known, that they are number one enemy of organic growers who have big troubles to get rid of them.


They are not my enemy, but thick and slimy slugs are simply not my cup of tea. What do you think about them?



I think they make good food for chickens and I think they also help break down dead things to soil. I noted you had a beautiful snail shell in the background of one of your shots.

very beautiful this animal you took the picture very right on target, @cyclamen