Curiosity Pics #2 | 10 Best Photographs Ever Taken

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 Hey Everyone , Welcome to the new episode of Curiosity Pics. In this series we are gonna explore some of the best pictures ever captured. 

So, here we go , 10 best pictures that looked like they were photoshopped.

Please note the content is not mine, but its worth sharing with you guys.

Credits :

10. Throwing hot Water into air in Arctic

Credits :  imgur   

9. A galactic Tennis Ball

Credit:  Abhijeet Kumar  

8. This is Netherlands For you

credits : imgur   

7. Temple covered from Volcanic ash, Japan

Credit:  media.jrn  

6. New york City

credits :  imgur   

5.  Super-moon 

Credits :   imgur   

4. North-Korea 100th Anniversary Celebration

Credits :  Ilya Pitalev   

3. Spider webs in Scotland

Credits :  Mark Hamblin   

2. Volcanic Eruption Iceland

Credits :   

1. Fire-fly Squids Japan

credits : Takehito Miyatake   

Thats it For This Episode Guys. Hope You enjoyed all the pictures. Follow me for more interesting contents. and do check out my other post. Thank you

Stay Curious

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