Solar lamp at night / Solarlampe in der Nacht

in #photography3 years ago (edited)

This solar lamp projects a nice spiderweb pattern on the ground.

Diese Solarlampe projiziert ein schönes Spinnennetzmuster auf dem Boden.



Is it really a solar lamp. Looking very beautiful.

Yes, it's really a solarlamp and the LED inside is flickering, so that it looks like a real candle. If there was enough sun during the day, the lamp lights over six hours at night.

So ne Lampe will ich auch!

really great solar lamp

Beautiful work of art made by light from the lamp. Thanks for sharing with us.

yeah, and I'm curious how the lamp looks like in winter when the lamp stands in the snow

looks really nice. looks like a candle is inside as well!?

Thanks, there's a fake candles made of plastic inside, which is lit from above.

Wow is a great invention and looks great. How wonderful that something so simple is good to the human eye.

So cool dude, I hope that this gets integrated into my house!!!

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Thats pretty awesome for a solar lamp!

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Lovely work, I like the creativity. Nice one

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Solar lamp. Nice for environment and money. No need to buy battery’s.

ja das tut sie wirklich! und du hast dies wundervoll festgehalten

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I think it's a great reflection

woua waou c est tellement fengshui

Hi @cryptoriddler, this solar lamp project must be lauded for its innovation that is eco-friendly. That awesome spiderweb pattern is magnificent. Great sharing. Resteemed and upvoted. Have a Nice Day!

its so amazing its solar lamp?

is it solar lamp its so beautiful

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Nice picture...

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Excellent, I have no words, I love everything related to sunlight and lighting of different spaces with this kind of clean energy, I really love, what we save all over the planet using this energy source for moments Inexhaustible, we should use it to bring welfare to humanity so we can lead a better life in every way, I congratulate you. I hope you continue posting on this topic so interesting for all of us

Your article is interesting. I hope in the near future we will have more appreciation of renewable energy and other alternative sources

Very Nice Solarlampe :)

Very intelligent, see to believe...

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This is great work! Keep it up!

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Some people decorated their tents with candles or solar lights to show the beginning of the night or for avoiding accidents but also to embellish the site that became very user-friendly.

wow, beautiful. did you make it all by yourself or you are the photographer of this masterpiece? i would need one as well. where i am living, we don't have electricity from the town, only from the sun :)

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Great pattern.

this is called The Art , Thy Art

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This is really innovative. Solar is the next move.. Team green planet all the way.

Something about this just catches me. I love it.

wow. this lamp is dope

Y se puede comprar?

Lovely.!! Upvote me also

Really great perspective... thanks for sharing

Schönes Bild! wirkt sehr entspannend. Wo hast du die Lampe her? Online bestellt?

Interesting, creative and beneficial to use...

The photograpghy is amazing as the more i look at it the more it looks like a big structure in the middle of a maze. Just a different observation.

Wonderful game of light and shadow. Really wonderful art.

Solar lamp ?

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Nice picture..
Nice color combination..

Looking very beautiful!!

That’s pretty amazing! It is amazing what beautiful things we can discover around us if we just try.

This looks really amazing, man. So beautiful.

Nice effect and well captured

Muy curiosa lampara!

love love love this... would hang it on the wall so beautiful!

I like the lights 👼

Love this shot!

kiya baat hey
what a fantastic piece man.

its a good idea ,,,,

looks cool, but dose it really brings light? Or is it just an accessoire for your your Garden?

That brings only a litttle more light than a real candle.

Sieht auch ein wenig aus wie eine Kerze. Aber coole Deko.