bloody sky / blutiger Himmel

in photography •  last year

bloody sky

I once again photographed a sunset on a cloudy day. Unfortunately, the result was not as spectacular as I had expected. But with photo editing it was still possible to get a lot out of the picture. It doesn't correspond to reality any more, but it looks a lot better than the original.

blutiger Himmel

Ich habe wieder einmal einen Sonnenuntergang an einem bewölkten Tag fotografiert. Leider war das Ergebnis nicht so spektakulär wie ich es erwartet hatte. Doch mittels Fotobearbeitung ließ sich noch einiges aus dem Bild herausholen. Es entspricht zwar nicht mehr der Wirklichkeit, aber es sieht um einiges besser aus als das Original.

edited version / bearbeitete Version:
Click to zoom

original / Original:
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The original is good too, but it's just a little too dark. The edited version looks like a screen-capture from a Vampire movie or something. Great work!


or the possible Martian skyline the first explorers/settlers will see? Great filter!


It's tough to get your photos to look how they appear when you see them through your own anatomical lens, your eyes. I'm sure it was beautiful to see in person and it looks absolutely radiant in your edited version.!


@veggiekittykelly con todo respeto, eres muy hermosa


podría llegar perderme en ese degradado de color, muy buena toma y captura del paisaje; esos colores vivos y fríos le dan su mejor toque. excelente.


in my opinion, the original one is way better than edited version.

Oh! This is absolutely beautiful! swoon

... the edited version reminds me of the Game The Elder Scolls IV Oblivion ^^

Image of Oblivion
Image source


God I love that game. While back I think I logged 140 hours or something like that hahaha

Das Foto passt irgendwie zu der heutigen Situation auf Blockchain

Das sieht krass aus, aber gut :)

Sehr schön geworden :)
Die Farbgebung gefällt mir sehr gut.
Ebenso eine tolle Komposition!

I agree with the mindset here. Photography is still an art and it doesn't always need to portray reality. The photographer can use this medium to show what is on his mind when he capture the scene and create a certain mood at post-processing. Good work!

i think originial one is better, edited one is good too but edited too much,if i had to choose between two i would choose the orginial one!

I liked both versions. The edited version is spectacular, cryptoriddler:) does look really bloody!

Beide Versionen sehr schön...


very intresting ..

Nice picture, eventhough it is adjusted a lot. That is what they do for magazines too, right? :)

When I first saw your name I thought you were all into cryptocurrency but your name relates to riddles. I love riddles, brainteasers. Will you be posting riddles? Or should we throw some riddles to you, so you can solve them? :)

Both pictures are stunning.
The first one could be a setting for some dark vampire movie or so haha (first though that popped up here).

Sehr stimmungsvoll.
Ein kleiner Tippfehler hat sich eingeschlichen.
Ich glaube hier fehlt ein Wort.

Ich mal wieder wieder


Danke für den Hinweis. Ein Wort fehlte, dafür war ein anderes doppelt ;)

Sieht echt super aus - das Original und die bearbeitete Version! Welche Kamera und welches Programm nutzt du ?


Danke, das Foto habe ich mit meiner Canon EOS 700D aufgenommen und mit Affinity Photo bearbeitet.

That’s not bad after editing. At least it shows the details of your capture. It looks like bloody silhouette which is kind of unusual. It makes me feel like painting that scene on a canvas.

Das bearbeitete Bild gefällt mir sehr gut, was hast du für ein Bearbeitungsprogramm genutzt?


Das Bild habe ich mit Affinity Photo bearbeitet.


Danke. ;)

Wow the original and the edited looks very different. If the edited version, sky is not so red, a little bit darker then I think it'll look more real.

Red sky reminds of end of the world @@
Where did you take this @cryptoriddler?

Wow! This looks amazing! The edited version is a great job... „bloody sky“ is a perfect header for this post! Great job @cryptoriddler

Sieht doch ganz gut aus! Könnte so ein Bild sein von der Herr der Ringe! Also ich finde es schön!

Agree with others that the original was just a little to dark. The edit produces an interesting photo.

This is some really awesome editing.. the original is spectacular as well...

You got a good view of bloody sky. We think you can get the bloody sky in the original photograph too without any editions.

We want to share a few tricky things we know. Let's write roughly what the differences between the edited and original pictures are.

First difference is brightness. The brightness of the original photo is very low compared to the photo that was edited. However, the brightness of the edited photo can also be obtained when taking the original photo. There are basically two main elements for this. The first one is aperture size and the other one is shutter time. According to aperture size, more light can be obtained because the light entering the camera will be more. Besides, shutter time indicates the pull time. If a long shutter time is kept, more light can enter the machine and obtain bright colors. However, a little reminder about shutter time is useful. Fixed objects should be used instead of moving objects when shooting with a long shutter time. Otherwise, the photo may be blurred. When taking pictures in the same way, the stability of the machine is also very important.

The second difference is contrast of the colors. It seems that original photo was taken in the low light media. For this issue you can use ISO parameter of the machine. ISO is a parameter that shows sensitivity to light. For daylight the ISO parameter should be low and for darklight ISO parameter should be high.

Actually there are lots of parameters for the nice bloody sky, but the mentions, explained above, are basic ones.

We hope, we can help you. Have nice shots…

Great photo. It reminds me the movie 'siam sunset.' Red color of the movie was great likes your photo.

You made this nice piece of art even more interesting this shot. Well done!
nice photo...

The edited version looks like a cover for a book...a large coffee table book of your photos 🤔....upvoted and resteemed for the color alone

Good shot! I think the original one is more better if the brightness is a little raised. Of course, the corrected is good. But the original is rich in colors and feeling ^^*

What were you shooting with? It's crazy how much color and detail you were able to pull from that image. In the original, the branches of the trees look so soft, the detail you got out of them gave them a really nice whimsical feel. Nice work mate!


I took the photo with my Canon EOS 700D and edited it with Affinity Photo.

It almost look alike but it okay sha...
Nice editing broh.... Nice try ..which application did you used?


thanks, edited the photo with affinity photo


Okay great... Good to know

Mir gefallen beide Versionen, aber ich glaube ein Mittelding zwischen den beiden hätte mir noch besser gefallen. Aber die Bearbeitung zeigt ja auch, dass du dir Mühe gibst :-)

Oh, when I first saw the title, I thought you mean bloody as an Insult, like the british People XD

Hast du einen Filter benutzt oder ist das real? xD


Fotografiert habe ich ohne Filter, aber bei dem oberen Bild habe ich die Farben etwas verstärkt und das Rauschen entfernt.
Die Realität liegt irgendwo in der Mitte zwischen dem unteren unbearbeiteten Bild und dem bearbeiteten Bild.


ah ok ...

Nice pic both origin n edit.

Woow amazing beautiful photography l like thanks for sharing misster


Truly awesome extraordinary graphics.


Its nice indeed...

the art of editing...
so cute, very creativ and innovative art..
thanks for follow bro...

The indigenous is pleasurable , but it's just a tiny too dark. The shortened checking account looks when a screen-take control of from a Vampire movie or something. Great play-accomplishment!

Pretty cool! Where was the photo taken? Now following!

Both pictures are nice. Actually, the unedited version gives a mystery feeling to it.

Beautiful photo. :)

The original looks boring but the edited very looks very amazing :)
Nice work.

excilent photography
this is so beautiful photo
keep it on

nice photo 😊😊😊😊
follow @yanisbreakers

Really nice information for us . Thanks u !

Hey @cryptoriddler ! Cool that you show before and after editing! There is something mystical with the original version though... The edited one brings back memories from Disney The Lion King haha :D Peace and love from Finland :)

Anı yakalamak bu olsa gerek. Muhteşem bir resim olmuş. Tebrik ederim. Tr

Edited to perfection, the orange-red color gives a warm atmosphere pleasing to the eye .... supporting his brother cause @roddycordero

Amazing, its real?

The picture has been relatively spectacular.

Wow that is so awesome

i love both, thanks for sharing

Nice Photography

loved it ...glad i could upvote..cheers!1

Eso, qué linda fotografia

nice editing

Amazing vivid red color!!!

Amazing! Sunsets are also my favorite :)

Das foto sieht sehr schoen. Wunderbar.

I like that spooky vibe. Great edit.

nice photo!!

Nice photo!

Both great pics but the original is slightly too dark

Nice photograph
Its going to be on my blog right now.
Am resteeming

Love it but I love the original to it is a good photo.

You did great work.I am impressed.Keep it up dear

Lovely photos @cryptoriddler.

The colours are amazing

Nice Photography and sppuer edit

wow... I love the view

it is the beautiful i love photography @cryptoriddler

It is great you were able to turn a under exposed dull photograph into something very eye catching.

Good Job.

Amazing shot and edit...Wow!!!

Looks really cool!

If this is a movie screen,I think it should be amazing.

wonderful photography... thanks for sharing

Esta fotografía realza la fuerza de la naturaleza muy Buena ambas

Nice photography👍👍

The sky when I'm on my period.

Wow.. amazing photography i like it thanks for sharing this natural.. best of luck..

very eye catching! where was this?

a rare sight occurred.. good editing..

Both photos are great. I get a relaxed feeling from the original photo.

Is it real?

that always happens to me, a picture of colors in the sky never come thru to what I am seeing with my eyes. While I get to enjoy it and will remember how amazing it was, its hard to show others :( your edit I am sure is close to how you viewed it! I have never seen a sky that red before, very cool.

Love your photo - excellent!

Excellent! Original is a little bit dark! By the way, I just posted my first introduction post, please feel free to check it out and upvote. Thank you

Super Bild und vor allem die Bearbeitung ist hammer. Wo hast du das Bild aufgenommen?

What a bloody and fearful sku to watch over behold it exist somewhere ...
Omg! I hope it is safe for kids..

Beatiful!!! Amazing!!!Uhuuu!!!


good photo ^^

Nice shot by the way