Park Lanterns

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Disclaimer : This is my original work and all rights for this photo belongs to me.

My recent trip at the park has led me to this wonderful event. I certainly don't know the traditions and what they er celebrating but this was certainly a very nice view. There were quite a few tasty chinese food as well.

I didn't have SLR but I did have my old spare phone at the event so I made sure to take a few shots along the way

Please enjoy as much as I enjoyed it.

My Story

Six years ago a bought a basic Canon DSLR with basic lenses. I always wanted to capture moments of my life that counts as well as beautiful things. I was also a Social Media addict back then, and showing off high def picture of life events would garner me likes. I wanted to study basic photography as people always kept telling me my shots were good, but I didn't. I got busy with life. Work, relationships and all that. I was cleaning the attic when I saw my old DSLR and decided I give it a go once again with the world as my audience.


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