Introduction To Working With Text - Pixlr Video Tutorial

in #photography4 years ago

In this tutorial we are introduced to simple text manipulation in Pixlr, a free to use photo imaging tool, found at



You should do one where you make a custom banner it would be cool...

OK, I was wondering about that, good suggestion, thanks :-)


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wow.... it's good example, and a hints for someone, and like it.

hey man, cool little tutorial. following for more stuff, trying to build a list of people who are actively making things for the platform.

Awesome, thanks man :-) I'm hoping people find these useful, Pixlr has been a godsend for me, I used to really wish I could do all this stuff, and now I can!

Followed back :-)


sweet, check out @teamvideo as well i did a whole bunch of tip videos for steemit. hope you like them! :) thanks again for sharing this.

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