Blue Skies Fall into Twilight on the Iceland Ring Road — That Internal Drive // 1

in photography •  2 years ago  (edited)

I've lost track of the kilometres I've crossed in the countries I've explored.

      When I travel, no matter where I am, I always rent some form of vehicle. As much as I love to walk and hike, to climb wildly and sit peacefully, there is an undeniable pull that open highways have on my heart. I used to keep track of the distance I drove as I purposely got lost... I've circumnavigated every island I've ever met: 3000 km each around the north island of New Zealand and Iceland, 2200 km zig-zagging all over Ireland, four whole days driving and stopping in each village along the 500 km dirt ring perimeter of Viti Levu, Fiji. Where normal people find a city to make base camp and plan branching outwards accordingly, I sleep in the back of a car at the edges of cliffs or on the fringes of fields; in the shadows of ruins or in the shelter of forests, joyfully disheveled (and probably smelling a touch less joyful.)

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

A lot of the time, I see incredible vistas that can only be properly mentally framed by traversing right through the midst of them, balanced on a thin ribbon of slate.

      It's hard to wrap my mind around these views at the time, so I always cherish open road photos, but something strange ends up happening after I get home. These images often sit neglected once I've stopped moving again. They're not here nor there, no focus or feature. They don't slot into crucial segments of my journals or have attached tall tales, other than the incredible feel of freedom rushing into a rolled down window and through my wild woman hair.

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

Here is one unforgettable forgotten stretch, somewhere along the Ring Road, following the setting sun.

      As I find them, I'd like to collect up routes and share them with you. No road signs or signs of life... just rolling open roads and open skies and open hearts.

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

But oh, That Internal Drive.

      A series to be added to as I find each of the bits and pieces I've forgotten to relive.

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

crimsonclad in Iceland: sky, mountains and sunset on the ring road

These photos and words are my own work, inspired by travels all over this pretty blue marble of ours. I hope you like them. 🌶️


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beautiful scenery, excellent photo quality, you are a very talented photographer,

SUCCESS for you ..

you received an up vote from danlupi with voting power of 88.68%. Estimated dollar amount of $3.87

@Booster Upvoted by @fyrstikken because he like the show you do on PAL.
Great music, great talk!

like this.........

The sky really make my best colour.

I love this

WOW!!!!! These photos are absolutely breathtaking @crimsonclad, that last one with you in the mirror is superb, the framing and color pallet is on point! I'm a landscape photographer myself I would kill to be in this area to shoot for a few hours! haha I'm from Michigan so there is nothing to amazing besides the Great Lakes to capture. Your work is some of the best I have seen for a while in my opinion! I will be looking forward to seeing the next post! Upped and followed!

you're the first person to mention that photo~ leave it to another photographer :D ... it's funny, it's actually the one that inspired me to consider putting together this series~ I realize that I take them wherever I go driving out in the world. I have quite a few of them, each framed in the same way, and wouldn't it be neat to see them all collected over time? And so it is, a series is born.

Thanks for stopping to comment <3 I would highly recommend Iceland. Some days I ended up just sitting out in the middle of nowhere, listening to the wind through the rocks and watching the colours change. It was a pretty stunning place, and I'm definitely going to go back.

Haha I have taken similar photos to that one before so it most def caught my eye! That would be very cool to collect them over time and make a series. You should! haha No problem @crimsonclad Keep the amazing photos coming I will be looking forward to the next post! (:

Absolutely beautiful! I've never really gotten to travel much and have always dreamed of doing it... The amazing landscapes and scenery that I could see and my dreams of seeing night skies and sunny seas that I never have... Hopefully one day I will be able to travel!

When I was young I wanted to be an archaeologist so that I could see ancient cities and artifacts. Maybe even dig up some unknown discoveries! Haha! You take amazing photos by the way! I love the ones you have been sharing lately! The last one with your reflection in the rear view is super cool! Thanks for sharing! It took my heart on an imaginary journey! I could almost feel the wind in my own hair! ;) Keep rockin' lady!

@rockchickjen Why aren't you able to travel? Wish I could share that option to everyone in the world!

Cool dream you had while you where young! Didn't work out that way?

Mostly just because I don't have the funds to do so, plus I have a family and my husband runs his own business. I finally got to see the Gulf of Mexico a few years back and that's the only part of the ocean I've ever seen. Never seen the mountains or canyons out West, or the sky line of a large city like New York...

I took some bad advice in high school and went to college to work on computers (which is NOT what I wanted) but was convinced that it would be easier for me to find a job doing that then archaeology... And then medical things happened so I didn't get to go back to college period. I've thought about trying to go back soon but I'm involved in music now and would probably do something in that part of my life, although archaeology would be a close second! ;)

As much as I love to walk and hike, to climb wildly and sit peacefully, there is an undeniable pull that open highways have on my heart.

I totally get this. Those photos pull at my soul. Thanks for sharing this slice of memory with us.

wow. incredible view.

now i see why my shit dont get voted, when i see skill like this.

think its time to power down my account to minimum, and buy a decent camera ;)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I always love driving the west coast and mid-west of the U.S. for this same feeling. I remember driving 14 hours straight and only stopping to get gas alone once and it was one of the most amazing things to me. Looking at the world just shift and change climates and the mountains or rocky cliffs or deserts just changing colors all around as I go. Iceland looks beautiful in all of your photos, but these are kind of magical in their own way.

Travel is life man, you never know what you gonna see. Really amazing sceneries or amazing people.
Just have to hit the road before even you know it.
Anyways these pictures are mind blowing, really beautiful

Beautiful Crim, number 4 is my fave, looks mystical with the clouds like that

gorgeous right?
I couldn't make up my mind on which one is my favorite :D

What gorgeous landscapes!

I love how you said this:

As I find them, I'd like to collect up routes and share them with you. No road signs or signs of life... just rolling open roads and open skies and open hearts.

I had a chance to take in some scenery over the long weekend, with some of my local Steemit family members. It definitely nurtured my energy to go for a drive and see the sights. (Will be posting on that soon.)

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

I love love the third and fourth photos down.. dem clouds! I don't know how you aren't winning awards for your work.

Just absolutely gorgeous and you captured it perfectly. I am really impressed with those colors.

dudeeee these are awesome!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

You inspire the shit out of me @crimsonclad! I love it !
3rd from top, the road to sunset is my favourite moment.
top posts like this make my steemit worth the while ! X

OMG these are amazing photos @crimsonclad!
Resteemed :D
The exposure, color, contrast and saturation are perfect!!!

Ahh I want to travel there so bad. Seems so peaceful and beautiful.
Following :)

simply beautiful, thank you <3

Great shots @crimsonclad 📷👏
Fog setting on the surrounding hills looks just amazing! 👌

You describe perfectly how it feels to drive around there! Just got back from a roadtrip in NZ. Did Iceland a few years back, just following the roads to where the wind was blowing to catch some for a nice windsurf session. Next year probalbly back to Iceland, and after seeiing your pictures, damn still have to wait a year to return! :P

I'm hoping to get back to both places. I'd like to spend some more time in the West Fjords, and around Myrvatn, and when I was in New Zealand, I had intended to spend a week on each island, but never got off the North! Ugh, the wanderlust is so real.

Hello @crimsonclad! I've seen many photos of Iceland, they are always breathtaking. I was not in this country, but I really love traveling. Have you come to Iceland as a tourist? Is it an expensive country for independent travel?

It was definitely more expensive than most. The one trip that I read that I followed that helped me a lot was: BRING YOUR OWN FOOD. Activities and gas are pretty standard, for the most part.

It's an island, and the food prices reflect that everything has to be imported. I normally only travel with a backpack, but I brought a small carry on suitcase full of beef jerky, instant soup, Clif Bars, and organic dark chocolate. I anticipate that bag probably saved me about $600 CAD in meal costs.

We just returned from the north of Russia, visited the island of Kizhi. There are also problems with hotels and cafes. We also took food with us )))

good to know; I'd love to go to Russia... just another one on my list :D I hope you had fun!

Yes, it was interesting. I'll tell my blog in one of the posts. Of course, it makes sense to visit Russia.

Great album. Resteemed!

i have only seen this place in pictures not in real
i think you are the luckiest perdon to have these places in life

Nice I hope to buy a van and see all 50 states one day

Great photos

Wow, great photos. That’s an extremely dramatic yet idyllic photo. Love the contrast of fog, Rocky, colors, and skyline. Great capturing of the moment.

A travelers heart, you make it sound and look like a treasure hunt.

I am totally spellbound to see your photography !!! Just speechless, but would like to tell you, we need more and more photo like these. Wish your photographic bright fortune !!!

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very great post my friend.

Majestic composition of colors, making a segmentation where each of the images we have a different story, executing perfectly the different angles showing and enhancing the natural beauty of the stage. Thanks for sharing

Heya, just swinging by to let you know you're being featured in our Daily Travel Digest!

Remarkable photo. The vast expanses turned out to be very endless )

Great zig zag photos and of course article. #Resteemed

Man, I wish my travel posts were this good.

your photos are just awesome, the clouds like you look really nice😱 😳

I would love to go running some place like this. Looks so beautiful and serene.

Beautiful natural.........

I loved my time in Iceland - though it was years and years ago now. We didn't have much time - only three days - but we packed in what we could including a drive up the coast from Reykjavík where we found some frozen puddles (larger than that, but not like a pond) where my sons could play and skate around on. It was weird - black ice all the way through - not like a frozen pond which is usually white ice... Iceland stole a piece of my heart while I was there. Maybe I'll get back there again some day.

That sounds so beautiful. I hope you do <3

Some beautiful shots ; love those orange colour bands in the sky.

I'm going to fall in love with it