Moroccan grilled brochettes:

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Hello to everyone I want to share with you some Moroccan grilled brochettes which I prepared them in last eid , they are very delicious, especially when I served them with the Moroccan mint tea ,and some Moroccan bread.
Hope you enjoyed them!!!



All photos are mine and original!

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Thank you very much!



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They look very good, very juicy and with strong flavors.

Thank you very much for commenting @anasuleidy.

They look so tempting. Love the idea of mint tea.

Thank you very much dear @trendygran, am glad that you like my idea, I hope you give it try!

Hello friend, succulent menu that you share today, the recipe very simple and the mouth becomes water, I am struck by the fire of the barbecue that is very even and so the meat is just at the exact point of cooking. I congratulate you for the umpteenth time since you share rich recipes, greetings @creativewoman

Hi dear @perlanacarada, it’s a Moroccan traditional grill, I hope you try it .

Friend, how are you? those skewers look delicious I would add a Venezuelan guasacaca

Am fine! thanks 🙏, I hope you try it to enjoy the good taste.

Thank you very much!

Que delicioso se ve, muy muy rico, saludos.

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