By car on the Bieszczady Mountain Ring Road

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Today I part of the guide for those who want to explore the Bieszczady by car. Lesko here we begin the journey.

Coming by car through Glinne and Uherce, we reach Ustrzyki Dolne. In the center - a coolly made fish market, a pub and a famous market. From Ustrzyki Dolne we enter Czarna, once bustling - today already a little deserted.

This is where the Bieszczady loops cross. Near the center there is a three-story wooden church, which today serves as a church. In Black we turn on a cross to Michniowiec where there are beautiful wooden orthodox churches.

Coming straight, further to Ustrzyk Gorne we will reach Lutowiska, where at the turn of Lutowiska you can admire one of the most beautiful views and the Ukrainian Bieszczady.

Admiring the landscape we reach Ustrzyk Gorne - the base of the highest part of the Bieszczady. This is where the buildings of the Bieszczady National Park are located.

Ustrzyki Gorne are well developed in terms of tourism. There are plenty of pubs and stalls with typical Bieszczady souvenirs.

Another spot to visit is Kalnica, through which the red trail of Beskidy passes. It is worth to return to Olszyna reserve with a fragment of the flood forest.

Coming further to Cisna - one of the better developed tourist destinations. There is a Forest Railway in Bieszczady. In Cisna there is the famous Siekerezada cafeteria, which must be visited.

Next, the route runs to Lesko where the first part of our tour ends.


I am sure you had a great time, beautiful photographs

wow nice picture

wow nice post and photography..........

Great photos, I had a look at your other photos on your page and they are also very good

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