Playdoh Breakfast Prepared by JYANA

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Hello steeminas

so yesterday my colleague daughter Jyana was with us and she was playing with Playdoh ( i am also in love with Playdoh) she asked me if i am hungry and i said yes , of coarse who will say no to a baby cook lol.

she goes to her playing area and came after an hour, i mean literally an hour but with a tray of food. as you can see herepic 1.jpg

It looks so real but my bad it was not.

she insist me to eat and i fake eat it..
she is a little bundle of joy and i love spending time with her.

the food tray is so small that i had to take care of it as of caring for a new born lol..

so here is some pics to give you an idea about how small it is in real
pic 2.jpg

comparative of PENCIL pic 4.jpg

She made a Pancake and coffee with blueberry...

Isn't it adorable to be served by a 6 year old girl ..

i love it

and hope that you like it ...

With lots of LOVE
Prabh Hundal

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