Friends Forever

in photography •  last year

Its been 8 months that i saw them but i missed them each and every single day

you cant imagine your life without them but there comes your life for what you have to somehow get apart.

Its called life

here i am going to share some of my most memorable days of my life with them.

middle one is the most aggresive one while the girl in right is the confused one always like what i am doing ? what is this? whats that ? and the girl on right well she is brilliant (hahhahaa)


2 year old pic , birthday pic of the Girl in Red.

Always feel like one (: (:


she doesnt want to ruin her makeup but whatever its was her birthday ...

Feels like Royalty the Girl in Black , she is my world i cant imagine a day without her.

Well we are unable to fit in a frame lol

It was my Birthday
another oneIMG-20160102-WA0038_1.jpg

Last memory with a day before i left , well it was the most emotional day
missing them like hell

i don't know why i am sharing this with you all but somehow i feel like sharing.

Do you miss someone? if yes then mention them and your relation with, how you handle it ?

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good friends are great blessing. help to each other. you are looking so beautiful along with your friends.


Thank you so much dear @jhon007 and yeah we got each others back

Awesome pictures Prabh. Yes, after college it's hard to get together. I still miss my days!!


yeah bhaji it's actually hard @mathworksheets

I love one of them, that using white and black clothe in first picture


you mean me @joe28 haha :) that's so sweet of you