What Can I Say? I'm A FREAK For Sunrises!

in photography •  11 months ago


So what can I say? I absolutely LOVE getting up in the morning to see the sun rise! A lot of people think I'm crazy, especially since I have my own business and work from home. In other words, I wake up at six o'clock in the morning even though I can get out of bed anytime I want! Like I said, I'm a freak!

Here are some of the best pics I've taken of the beautiful Arizona sunrise!












I hope you enjoyed these pics and they "brightened" up your day!


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Wow!! This is nature in its beauty..nice photo shots, Hope to do something like this some day. Here is my vote you won it all the way..nice job


You love nature? Look at this video. It shows the beautiful nature of scandinavia and iceland.


Nice Chris. Yep I have known Chris for awhile and I can attest how much he loves his sunsets :) Good to see genuine people here embracing the beauty that God offers to us everyday


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Sunrises are so cool! It’s an awesome time of day!

I take a lot of sunrise/sun photos, too. check me out :) upvoted

wow amazing picture @contentking

Beautiful pictures.
Has been a life long goal to see as many sunsets from as many different places in the world as POSSIBLE !!

Thank you


Thanks! If you want to see some nice sunrises, the Southwest United States has some of the best. Although I must say, I saw some of the most beautiful sunrises and sunsets when I was deployed to Iraq in 2004.


I live in Jerome Arizona. I will post some shot's from my porch.
Thank you for sharing and inspiring


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Awesome! Yes, please do. I'd love to see them.


Ok just checking some files on my laptop and will share this one here Now :)
This was taken from the front porch of my Home in Jerome !!!

Thank you


This reminds me the landscapes from my hometown Barquisimeto <3 I hope you like this one I'm giving you. Is not as good as yours, but it's cute


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Nice photos

I have so love Sunrise. I am happy to sharing the sunrise pics

Great pics!!!, there's some magic on the sunrise, and some sadness on the sunset too.

But @robertandrew says something very true: "The beauty that God offers tu us everyday", we must be thankful that way, admiring the new day, the miracle of our lives, our almost-undeserved lives, to make that the day count, make it productive, make it happy for everybody we can...
Thanks for sharing!

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Great collection. Thank you for sharing your pictures.

Love the photos of the sunrise! Too bad I never wake up earlier enough to catch them. Sigh*

Wow! Am not sure i know anyone who has made it a hobby to watch sunrises... You do have an awesome collection, i particularly like the one with the very large sun. Happy new year!

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a magnificent landscape that attracts all eyes that look enthralled all the hearts that live it
really a very beautiful sight,,,