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Photography - "Red Bridge"

in photography •  2 years ago

A very heavy fog had descended on Dublin. Myself and my buddy rushed out to get some photos down on the promenade.

That's him in the foreground. The creepy figure behind was a lone woman who walked right past us, over the bridge towards "Bull Island" beach. It was the middle of the night and you could barely see your hands in front of you without light. Honestly, I think we were more afraid of her than she was of us. Very weird moment.


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Great idea and wonderful result.


Thanks for the kind words.

Very nice, I'm just curious how is it red, was it a set of light and it was on red?
Brilliant either way :)


There was an orange light behind her and the sky was orange from the distant street lights. I tweaked the hue in post.

Love the photo, spent ten happy years in Dublin :-)

Sensational image @condra. The umbrella gives such a beautiful touch. Lots of pairs as well make for added interest ~ Two glows, two figures, two railings and two vertical lines (the sign post and umbrella handle.) Masterful. Resteemed. 🙏🍷🙏


Thanks so much! Really appreciate that. I'll repay you the favor soon.

Oh this is cool. :D
It looks like the mothership landed right in front of you at the other end of the bridge and one of its passengers is coming out to greet you.
What was this shot with?


I didn't put the info because I forget what lens I used. Nikon d750 and I think the Sigma 35mm 1.4 Art



Thanks man!

great Work! I like you photography a lot ! Maybe you find some romantic or dramatic alleys and want to participate in my new contest #yourcityvibez I will be happy to see something from you there ;)


Cheers for the heads up. I'll keep my eyes peeled!

Wow!! Great capture!! Amazing photo!!




Well deserved!! Amazing shot my friend!!

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Love the photo. Well done.


Thanks Kat! Much appreciated.

Very impressive!

Stunning shot! Capturing rain like that is so tricky.
Following for more of this great content in my feed.


Thanks a million

Fantastic! Poor weather is great for photography!

Nice. It looks like a train is coming down a track. Nice effect.


ok so it's not just me!!!
Amazind shot...

story behind the shot is great! whats the red light coming from?


Cheers. There are traffic lights along the bridge as it's only wide enough for one lane of traffic at a time.


That must be scary to drive on! haha

That's the spirit. You have found an extraordinary time for shooting, and the photo looks really good. You are in the DPS @condra.

so dope

Great work, i love the tone of the global exposure.


TYVM! Following you now.

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Very dope blog ,respect. Keep doing this ❤❤❤ upvoted

Really exceptional photo!!

Really nice picture!!

Awesome picture, stay away from the white light!( or it will hit you! Lol😜