Colter Bay in B & W

in photography •  13 days ago

I went out wandering a bit today to see if I could get some new photos to play around with. Even though it felt like spring (70F) it is unfortunately still winter, everything was either muddy or looked dead. It wasn't much to look at (or take photos of) but considering the snow and subzero windchills we'd had just four days ago I was quite content to just hike and enjoy the weather.


This shot is of Colter Bay, part of Lake Jackson, from my visit to Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming. I'd just set up camp nearby and had wandered down for my first glimpse of Colter Bay. For once the seemingly ever present haze from the nearby wildfires came in handy.

(Now for the obligatory mention of @monochromes and the #monomad contest)

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oooooh!!! Those rays of light!

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