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My Best friend since grade two and I have loved being creative together ever since I can remember. We would dress up for Halloween or a dance and take pictures, and wait patiently for my Mom to develop them or if we were lucky we had polaroid film. We eventually left our small town for university, at which Leanne took photography. I was still being her muse only now she had access to a dark room! Let the games begin, and the juices flow! Back then there was no social media or internet to jump on to for ideas or inspiration, so we used our own. ! 48315848_10161331760325525_942229169482235904_n.jpg

The black and white dark room photos were our very first shoot complete with doc martins and calvin kleins.

As technology advanced and so did our age we got more creative and began producing publish worthy work together. Our first published shoot was a trash the dress segment for Off-Centre Magazine owned by Leanne, so yes I made the cover! No bias there lol:)48370687_10161331760080525_3102341034944757760_n (1).jpg
Now Leanne owns CVV TV and I have been with Dejavu Model Management for 5yrs. I love to see how we have evolved in our work together as a team and am proud that each of our shoots have been published in independent international magazines. Dessert Warrior published in Promo Magazine ![Desert Warrior 2.jpg]
Roving Pastures published in Elegant Magazine 01low_res.jpg
Domesticated published in IMirage Magazine!28167326_1600321043377800_2185677646193459373_n.jpg
Taking on the Street31947173_1671115872964983_6244873312988561408_o.jpg31841578_1671115939631643_969225027507453952_o.jpg
Golden Dunes published in Promo Magazine! Screen shot 2015-07-10 at 2.19.38 PM.png

Yacht Life published in Luxury life Magazine20024050_1393821134027793_5184433563837721645_o.jpg
Hitch Hiker published in conceptual magazineHitchhiker3.jpg
Junk Yard published in Promo MagazineIMG_12209.s.JPG
Our latest shoot is a high fashion Christmas theme stay tuned.47575974_1959776407432260_2219672479058624512_o.jpg

I love being creative in front of the camera and work with amazingly talented people. Find your passion and let it ignite your soul.

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Resteemed! Colleen, have you considered confirming yourself on your STEEM account? Make an introduceyourself post with a hand made eSteem sign or whatever platform you are using with your username with you holding it. How about doing something different than others? Find a famous site for a backdrop. I don't have to tell you to be creative. Seems like you have plenty of creativity.


great idea thank you I will do that!


thank you so much!