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Expectations and Perspective — Best Considered Standing in a Waterfall in Iceland

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I think the real question is why people find falling things so fascinating. Water: boring, water falling: f’in amazing. People walking:ehh, people falling: lol. Leaves. Rain. Snow. Hmmmmm this train on of thought has no destination but is packed full of thoughts looking to explore. Falling in love is the best part of love, falling wins. But wait there’s more! Rocks. Falling rocks? Yup still more fascinating although probably dangerous while driving. It’s not like falling things have just appeared, what’s the longest falling thing you know of? If a water fall falls for the first time and hast reached bottom would you call it’s a waterfall or waterfallings? Waterfalls are loud but snow is quiet, so quiet things fall slowly. Just like the leaves into the fire. Is fire falling? Like are ashes just falling upwards? Does gravity solely dictate what falls? If so what about falling stars? Do things fall in space. A waterfall in space. Now all o hear is that Offspring song in my head. Falling, I’m falling. Now I’m listening to that song. I stopped writing this comment for like 5 minutes, but you didn’t see that. Your reading straight through. It’s odd. What is seamless to you as you read actually is compressed time. We’re all falling aren’t we. Water we are. Confined by boundaries larger than us. Even as we have hopes at the edge of our lakes, where we turn a bit of the dry earth into mud, we are far smaller. Slowly heading toward the cliff, to show in grandeur our thunderous falling. Well I think this thought train is ending. Most of the thoughts got off and the rest are sleeping or listening to music. Not even sure what perspective this is, maybe the fourth wall. Hmmm. Makes me think about books. How books are the only true record of a persons thoughts. But that a discussion for another comment. Oh yeah nice rainbows. I bet it smelled fresh.


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I really like that Offspring song . _.