There's a snake in my boots! — Steemit

There's a snake in my boots!

in photography •  10 months ago

If you follow me on Steem, you probably know by now that I love the Great Outdoors. From hunting to fishing to four-wheelers to everything in between, I can really enjoy myself while out in nature.

The one thing that does get to me outdoors is snakes. I hate snakes with a passion.

Look at this big diamond back rattle snake that was on my buddy's four wheeler. This was a full grown rattle snake that could easily kill a human being with it's venomous bite.

Snakes creep me out enough on their own, but when I know that they are poisonous, it makes me cringe even further. I hope and pray that I never have to deal with a snakebite, but one thing is for sure. This particular snake won't be harming anyone!

IMG_3596 2.JPG


Stay High,


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Haha! Nice photo...caught my attention as I just posted as well.

I do not share your fear of snakes. My son and I quite like them. But rattlers will make anyone quake at least a bit!

I been on dirt just like that...on a 4 wheeler similar to an area with diamondbacks like that... But never got one under the wheel. Poor thing must have been pissssssssssed!!!

Have fun and be safe out there! Peace!!

I also don't like snake's, it creeps me out.

Snake roulette each time you go out bush here! But in saying that, I'm an outdoor loving Aussie, and we have a heap of Eastern Brown, western Brown, Tiger and red belly blacks around our area, all of those will kill you, and all are on our top ten deadlest snakes here.
Sturdy boots and snake proof leg covers if bush walking localy..... they still spook me!

Holly Crap, I hate them too, good luck on your outdoor adventures hope they are snake free.