Gone Huntin'

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I really love the outdoors. From fishing to hunting to 4wheelers and more, there is always something fun going on.

This is a picture of some deer that I saw while hunting up in North Florida:


One of my good friends has some property up in the panhandle, and we try to go out there a couple of times a year to see if we can get any deer.

I didn't want to shoot either one of the deer in the picture because they weren't large enough, but I was definitely looking to shoot one this day.

Deer meat (venison) is also very delicious! Back strap is my favorite part to eat, and it is so delicious and tender!

Have you ever had deer meat?

Stay High,


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Awesome channel, i love the outdoors too, camping, fishing, hunting... its great!

Would love to see pictures if you go camping sometime, always interested to see people's setup.

  ·  last year (edited)

I also like to hunt. usually I hunt birds. sometimes hunting deer tooFB_IMG_1514295177962.jpg


Hi @coinexchange

Well, i´m not really a hunter, but i love to eat deer 😊
Last time a friend of mine, who is a hunter, brought me some nice pieces of deer.

there where two meals:

  1. deer goulash
  2. deer burger

The coolest one was probably the deer burger,
I've never eaten it before.
Unfortunately there are no photos of it, but I will surely do some of them next time, promised. 😉