Lakeside R&R

in #photography5 years ago
Enjoying some quiet time at a small lake in Sebastian Florida.


All images @cognoscere and taken on Wednesday February 14th, 2018 in Sebastian, Florida (Apple iPhone 7 Plus)


Awesome photography , keep sharing more pics like that . Thanks for this blog

Very professional photography dear.
Keep posting .

Wow excellent camera shots and nice photography
100% like and resteem

Perfect shot @cognoscere. Places to enjoy a beautiful time. And very good to see a white coloured folwer.

Beautiful pictures..@cognoscere.. Great place for some rest, then continue the journey with you.

The lizard photos are cute, looks like a lovely place for some r&r! Hope you have fun.

I really like to see your photos.They are so beautiful and radiates different aspect of nature!!

Perfect to spent some quite time by the way !

You have an amazing sense of how to photograph something.
Love the plant next to the lake. Gonna play with it a bit in cartoon style.

Like the way you staggered the beautiful plant and lizard, with duel palm trees for a finish.

Cool shots. I like Mr (or Mrs) lizard

Stunning photography. I have had some pretty amazing experiences with nature in Florida. The wildlife there is so diverse and interesting. Thanks for sharing. ☀️🐊🦗🦎🐜🐬🐠🐳

That is absolutely gorgeous. There's nothing better than peace and quiet by the lakeside. And that lizard is really incredible looking.

@cognoscere exalant post thank you great article & nice photography

Wow fantastic sunset photography @cognoscere

they are truly amazing... :) nice job

Beautiful flowers, how they called?
I also like to make photos of lizards. We have them a bit different.

Every shot is so amazing thanks for sharing this natural beauty :)

This lake is the most coolest place on the earth i think how nice shots you have taken wonderful

The flower clicks are really super awesome to admire wonderfully done

Amazing capture.
A small beautiful life captured at another beautiful life.
Awesome photographer you are

high quality awesome shots there you took its looks nice :)

Picture perfect shots you are the best photographer on steemit

Hope you had a pleasant journey to Florida! Really cool plant. Thanks for taking us along.

incredible location and some great shots you have taken nice angle and high dynamic range :)

wonderful photograph...........
Carry on ............
best of luck........

Beautifully taken shots nice in looks the first shot is just wow

magnificent clicks i see so amazing photos beautiful

nice photography.i like this photos so much

Lavishing beauty of the natural scenes in the pics wow incredible those looks

My question: Did you go to the lizards, or did you wait for the lizards to come to you? ; )

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