If These Seats Could Talk ...

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It's not nearly as famous as say Madison Square Garden, but many musicians and bands from the 1950s and onward ascended the ranks by performing at the 3600-seat arena known as Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey.

We're talking the likes of:

  • Bill Haley & His Comets,
  • Frank Sinatra,
  • The Beach Boys,
  • The Rolling Stones,
  • Ray Charles,
  • Emerson Lake & Palmer,
  • The Who,
  • Led Zeppelin,
  • The Grateful Dead,
  • Yes,
  • Elton John,
  • Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band,
  • and MANY, MANY others ...

One interesting fact is that the iconic band Led Zeppelin turned down a prestigious gig at the Woodstock Music Festival and instead played at Convention Hall on that historic date of Saturday August 16th, 1969:

Just check out SetList.fm: Convention Hall Asbury Park Concert Setlists to see the huge listing of artists who have performed at Convention Hall.

So if these old plywood and cast-iron seats could talk - what stories they would tell!!!

PS: I'd love to see the grand tally of how much weed was smoked and how many beers were spilled in these seats in Convention Hall 🤪

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All images @cognoscere and taken on Sunday December 10th, 2017 in Convention Hall in Asbury Park, New Jersey (Sony RX100 V)


I love places like this , history of legands speaks for itself

Definitely a lot of legends have performed there!

What an amazing venue in an iconic town! Thanks for reminding me about my younger days!

My Pleasure!!!

wow... beautiful pictures of amazing place...!!!!
upvoted and followed..!!!

Awesome, thanks!!!

Don't forget the kind of LSD trips some of those people must've had! xD

Very true!!!

THANKS @cognoscere


Excellent photographs. All places are very beautiful to look at.

Thanks for stopping by!!!

This is wonderful photography

Thanks so much!!!

Fantastic photography

Glad you liked it!!!

really a great convention hall appriciate it and also ur photographs which u take from every angel @congnoscere sir and also tell us about it

beautiful story!

Excellent photography
100% like and resteem

Thanks, appreciate it!!!

haha you made even simple things looks awesome you are damm smart :D

Led Zeppelin would have been great at Woodstock.

They definitely would have killed it!!!

if they could talk is right 😄! nice pics of the place

wow beautiful.many untold stories are hidden behind those doors.. :) nice one

There sure are!!!

Wonderful place and greet photography my friend

Historical place, thanks friend for this shots

Great post. Never been there, but looks like an iconic place, that's for sure. And the list of bands that have rocked those seats can attest to that.
The seats DO look a bit spartan, but then again, they've probably only seen about 16 hours of actual SITTING since being put together, as no-one can sit still at the likes of those rock venues? Thanks for putting it out for us. Classic history still in use.

So true, I bet they get stood on more than sat on 👍🏽

You capture some historical movements ,great, thank u

Thanks for taking a look!!!

I so would have LOVED to see Zep there!

You and me both!!!

That is indeed a cool way to describe the facts all over :)
Nice images of the convention hall !

Nice writeup and cool photgraphy!
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Thanks so much, appreciate it.

Well warn seats....can you imagine what stories they hold?I love the color.

I have never seen Madison Square Gardens and have never heard of this Convention Hall....I live such a bubbled life :)

I always enjoy your photo stories.

Actually, Convention Hall is kind of, well, in need of a boat-load of TLC. If you ever have the chance to see a show at MSG I highly recommend it, as it's a really cool venue!

Maybe I'll take my hubby to a hockey game there one day. He's always wanted to see New York City. One day. :)

Great convention hall and your photography awesome

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