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Short lunch-time walk through a beech grove in the drizzle. Nice to finally have a respite from the hot and humid late summer New Jersey weather!

I walked a ways down a trail from some tennis courts, and saw that someone had perched a tennis ball in the crook of a beech tree.



All images @cognoscere and taken on Friday 09/07/2018 in the woods in Monmouth County, New Jersey (Apple iPhone 7 Plus)


It’s been awhile, hope you had a good summer!

The summer was good, well not so much weather-wise. I'm really looking forward to Fall, my favorite season!!!

I’m a fall fan too!

Summer gone before you know it. Spring and Fall make up for the too humid hot season. Love your pictures.

Good to see you back @cognoscere. Hope you had a good summer. 😊

I like that picture with the carved letters particularly (although I probably shouldn't). 😂

Yeah, over the last ~50 years the beech trees in this park have been carved up in a major way. I've done several other @steemit posts with lots of pictures. I've seen some carvings with dates from the 1960s.

hahaha i do remember when i used to play cricket, the ball many times stuck on the place like this, like in the tree, on the roof of our neighbors.
Can't forget those memories.

@cognoscere, In my opinion you've really had an great walk and all these pictures are loudly saying about that.

And whenever we walk in the nature then for sure the environment always reflects as Healing and gives great refreshing essence.

And yes, that tennis ball is highlighting aspect here because for sure it's reflecting as an effect of Odd One Out.

And yes, Tree Marks always reflects as tattoos and for sure some marks really can amaze us and also can give the natural Artistic essence.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

Thanks for the kind words, and wishing you a great day and blessings!!!

Welcome and thank you so much. 🙂

Wow a post after three months missed your blog post over this period of time great to see you back and what a comeback :D interesting shots :) hope you keep sharing have a nice day (^_^)

Thanks @blazing, it's been a busy summer both at work and at home. I hope you've also had a great summer!!!

First of all Welcome back after 3 months, I hope Everything going good and you all are fine, Thanks for coming back with this amazing photography.
Keep posting daily from now.

Thanks, all is well and thanks for stopping by!!!

Nice pics taken during your walking in woods .
Almost 3 months after you are posting . How are you ?

I''m doing well, just needed a change of pace. Glad to see Steemit is alive and kicking!!!

Amazing pics taken by you. Thanks for sharing with us .

You are posting after many days . How are you?
Nice pics

I'm doing well, thanks!!!

There are so many amazing styles photography collection @cognoscere. Absolutely nature has various designs for see our eyes.

Yes, nature is quite amazing and always keeps you guessing.

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You're back! I was just thinking about you the other day, and how I hadn't seen you around, and then when I get a minute to look through my feed, I see a post from you! Welcome back!

How have you been? Other than hanging out by tennis courts in Monmouth County, what have you been up to?

very nice photography

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