The Fallen Kinzua Bridge

in photography •  last year

The Kinzua Bridge has been one of my favorite places to visit for as long as I can remember. I have memories of little me being frightened of falling through the trestles.

On July 21, 2003, a tornado made its way through the valley and the bridge came tumbling down. It was built in 1882, crossing Kinzua Creek in McKean County, Pennsylvania.

A wild beard appears!

I stuck my phone against one of the binoculars set up at the viewing platforms.

There is a hiking trail which leads down into the valley along the bridge and its remains.

A view of the creek and valley from the end of the remaining bridge.

In the center of the platform at the end of the bridge, there is a thick glass window below. This is the view. I'm glad my fear of heights faded away long ago.

I don't like to see defacement like this, but I suppose it's natural to say, "I was here."

Bridge silhouette. I like silhouettes.

You can easily make out the window I mentioned earlier. If I recall correctly, the height there is 225 feet.

Big bridge, little bridge.

If you want to learn more about this bridge, check out the wikipedia article.

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