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I’ve been making an effort to post content daily and to be quite honest it’s been a bit of a challenge to do it. I hope you all are enjoying it and I hope you all will share my work if you do enjoy it. Let me know what you think or if you’d like me to capture something specific!

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I admire the fact you have set that challenge and give it your best shot (pun intended). Having now cleared my desk of a major project, my intention is to follow your example. Not with pictures I think as am dubious about my skills in photography, but a word picture here and there?

Word pictures, you mean.... poetry? Maybe a smooth quote! I get what you mean. Hopefully the content I post inspires you to be creative!

Yes, word pictures = poetry and while there is much to inspire I find inspiration is something which triggers in so many directions. Have been busy with putting out my novel this week so have not yet taken the time to meditate, and cogitate on images - but will and will post for you when I do.

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