Panda Candy/熊猫糖

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Panda Candy/熊猫糖

By chance, I got a panda candy.
The panda candy is very lovely.
Share it with you today.






To this end, I collected some information about pandas on the internet.
Here, also share with you.


Pandas are one of the most precious animals in the world. They are white and black.They look fat and funny.Theyeat bamboo.People all over the world like them very much. There used to be many pandas in China long ago. As the balance of nature was destroyed and the weather was getting warmer and warmer, pandas became less. But at present, the number of pandas is increasing year by year. There are now so many pandas that some are being sent to other countries so that people there can enjoy them. The biggest nature park for panda in China is in Sichuan. Scientists hope that one day they will have enough pandas to be set free and let them live in the wild again.






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i love panda

i love panda, too.

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That would be a bit of a shame. I've been keeping it for ever.

  ·  3 years ago Reveal Comment

I love your work! I think you are an incredible photographer.

Thank you for your confirmation

looks delicious

Very cute

That is the cutest candy I've ever seen.


It's so cute!


It's your second English post.^^

It's cnfund now.

aww!! did you eat it yet?

Not yet.
Not ready to eat.

I want a panda candy, too :)

I have only one.

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So cute :D Would love if you could check out my latest post :)

Thank you
I'll visit your post often.

Now I want one!

I have only one.

lovely panda.

me too.

Love these pictures.

i love it too.

Nice :) upvoted and followed.

Why don't you check my last story about photos? I hope you will leave a vote

Thank you
I'll visit your post often.