Hiking the Canadian Rockies. 14km, 6hs stroll to the beautiful Galatea lakes.

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I was living in Calgary for only a 1 year and friend invited me to go for this Hike. I was a bit worried about all the uphills, some cold fall weather, but the views seemed to be a good reward.

We have to arrive there early in order to get a parking spot and also get back before the night. It takes the whole day. The Trail begins by the highway, around 1 hour from from Calgary and goes really slow and almost flat for a couple kilometeres. After we pass the first lake, things start to get more interesting and the views more beautiful. There are 3 lakes on the way, but the most beautiful ones are far and uphill, of course.

It was amazing to get to those perfect blue lakes, surrounded by mountains after a stunning hike. The place has some magic and makes us feel small and insignificant.

The Rockies are a powerful and beautiful sight.

These are all original photos taken using a a Nikon D90 and a Kit lens, nothing special. The place is so beautiful that the equipment really doesn matter.

Thanks for reading and upvoting.


Gorgeous pictures! My favorites are the 1st and 7th.

Thanks. This is really close to where I live. 1 hour driving and you get to those trails.

This place is so beautiful man! On my list for a trek if I ever make it to Canada! Thank you for posting this. :)

This is just one trail, there are literally hundreds of those. Some really hardcore ones. Views are always stunning. This is one hour only driving from Calgary, you can do it in a day.
Thanks for commenting.

That's great! Although I have to say.. This one is stunning and somehow for me I really want to do this someday. I'm not much of a trekker and I prefer to rather ride my motorcycle anywhere but there's something about this view that made me comment.

This is in the middle og the hike. We go uphill on these rocks to acces the other 2 lakes. This is a very accessible and moderate to easy hike.

Oh nice! Thanks for the info! :)

Very nice photos) I just like you like to travel

Thank you for commenting

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How beautiful it is!!! You're so lucky!

Thanks, I'll take a look, but this kind of commenting spam doesn't do any good to the community.

Very beatifull travel! nice photo! You will remember this trip all your life!

Thanks for commenting.

Amazing photos. Keep up the good work :)

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