#1 Clouds over Calgary.

There's this little hill on my way home from work that I tend to avoid. I don't need to go up there, but I always wanted to check the views. Yesterday I saw some decent clouds, sun trying to show up and rode up hill.

Sometimes just a little extra effort can give you great rewards.

July 2016 . Ramsay, Calgary AB.
Took this photo with my phone and edited it using Adobe Lightroom.

We have the best clouds this time of the year. Thunderstorms every afternoon. :)
Thanks for commenting.

Nice composition! Biking has a few benefits.

Yes. It has some good benefits. I helps me to transition from work mode to home mode + exercise, no traffic jams and it takes almost the same time. Oh...and I also save tons of money on gas, insurance, car maintenance, etc.

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