Summer Skies and Sunsets in RVA - PHOTO SHOOT- Color Challenge Wednesday Yellow

in photography •  10 months ago


"Sunset is still my favorite color, rainbow
is second."
~Mattie Stepanek

This gorgeous Sunset was taken by me in RVA (Richmond, VA USA) and it is one of my favorite
shots. I adore railroad tracks and this water and sky reflection was great, nature can amaze
you in so many ways!

Hello there Steemit friends!
This is a dandelion weed and has a great bee working hard!
How beautiful is this color yellow?

Photo May 30, 8 59 05 PM (1).png

This person was in deep thought while fishing during a beautiful sunset!
This is Byrd Park in RVA!

I need more/ better Steemit Art in my life! I love art & I love Steemit....

Steemit Love

"I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night."
~ Sarah Williams

What a great quote! I lived in the country a few years ago and the peace of nature and the stars
made me absolutely love the night, the sky, the bright stars in the country are something else!
They are so bright at times you could read a book outside at night, lol! No joke!


Sending you positive thoughts!
Peace & Love...

Chris Love

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Nice work. Following you.


Thanks so much! :-)

Love your photos! How'd you get the perspective for the first one? Looks like you were up on something? What sort of camera you use?


Hi there, Thanks a lot, Boulevard Bridge is where I was standing in RVA, you got it!
I use my iphone 7.
I am going to get a camera sometime in the near future!


I only use my phone camera as well. You take some amazing shots!

Great pictures. You have a great eye for the beauty of nture
I look forward to more of your photography.


Thanks Kim! 😃I do love me some nature lol!

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on your face with an awww picture of Sam sitting on his own back pawns😍:

definitely soothing!

My fave is your first photo @clove71!


Thanks! I love that spot, it's a perfect sunset view!