Sunset photography with busy

in photography •  last year

I took this beautiful sunset photo with my Samsung mobile device and post it on beta using mobile browser right on the beach. It only take 20 second to upload it 100%. While eSteem app keep on restarting and keep on loading. So far beta comes more realiable on mobile compare to eSteem, steemitstage and steemit.

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Wow alluring shot. Looks like a golden shiny whale jumped outa the sea. Upvote. Resteem. The beauty of nature


you can say that again alluring to the heart, nature has its own wonders and surprises


Nature is the birthplace of art. Yeah

the shot is awesome and the reflection on the sea makes it even more beautiful, i have always love sunsets, it reminds me that endings can also be beautiful and the golden touch on the horizon makes it more beautiful

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