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RE: Expectations and Perspective — Best Considered Standing in a Waterfall in Iceland

in #photographylast year

I find that it's all about balance. I can't not have any expectations anymore than I can have no perspective or desire. I generally try to focus my expectations on myself and share my perspective freely with anyone that wants it. I think our attachments to our own perspectives, expectations, and desire cause us the most suffering and grief. Ultimately no one can really manage any attachments except their own though and I suppose the day we give up all attachments is the day we cease to exist in this realm. Who knows... I feel pretty detached from everything most of the time now, perhaps our vices and desires are the things that keep us in a corporeal form and cause us to occupy these meatsacks to begin with. Well I am rambling at this point, but to quote one of my favorite songs: Life is a waterfall, we're one in the river and one again after the fall. Thanks for the thought food.