"The Washing Line" Photo Contest - Week 5

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And here we are again, already into our 5th weekly contest. I would like to thank my regular supporters for participating with such enthusiasm every week. We have had really great pictures and even a challenge that was quite emotional for some.

I believe these contests and this teamwork helps to bring us all together on a completely different level as well as getting to know each a little better and therefore building a nice community where we all share and enjoy a common hobby.

Today’s challenge will be a little less difficult but nonetheless a challenge for everyone. You will need to use your creativity and imagination for this one in order to make it interesting.

The Theme this week is “THE WASHING LINE”

What does that mean, and what is expected in this contest? Well, it’s entirely up to you, as there are many things that can be found on washing lines, and these are a few examples I have photographed.

A frog - not so obvious

Clothes - quite normal

Pegs - also quite common

Now let's see what you have discovered hanging or clinging to washing lines.

How to participate:

Multiple entries per person are allowed
The photo must be your own
Please stick to the subject matter
In your post title please mention the theme of the week
And please use “thewashinglinephotography” as a tag

Get creative and have fun

The Prizes:

The total prize money is 5.000 steem
Prizes will be distributed after the 7 day period.




I was notified on this fun contest by @jctdesign! :-)

Here's my post: https://steemit.com/travel/@soyrosa/the-one-place-i-would-love-to-do-my-laundry

(I made the tag a bit shorter, since Steemit doesn't allow such long tags and busy.org creates conflicts for me if I use it for editing existing posts...)

not to worry @soyrosa, I got your entry. If you follow me you will see a new contest like this one every week with a different theme!

Cool, I just followed you! :-)

btw – how'd you manage to publish with that tag? I'm getting this error message...Screen Shot 2018-01-13 at 11.53.25 AM.png

@zipplyo, I use busy.org it may be differernt to Steemit. Dont worry if it does not work just attach the link here when you're done.

Busy doesn't go either

but with the lower case 't':

I got that too..

@claudiaz I am going to drop the "the" and just use #washinglinephotography Cool?

Post through busy.org! Works that way!

@rimicane helped me figure it out – it won't work via steemit directly, however, via busy.org it's possible. ;)

Where I live, we cant have washing lines / clotheslines as they are choking hazards for kids running through the neighborhood (community rule). I have one for when I go camping. Hum.. time to get creative!

@strypes, indeed time to get creative.

You see what happened was...

I forgot I had a mini clothesline for my doggie's clothes...

Strypes <==== grabs cellphone and doggy..

@strypes this should be good! cant wait to see it.

@claudiaz I just now posted it and linked it here. I hope you like it!

Very cool! Should be some very interesting pictures from this one! Hopefully I can come up with something! :)

@smylie2005, I am confident you can

I shall definitely try! ;)

this is is intrestingly funny ,but is cool

thank you, are you going to enter?

Great ideology!

Awesomesauce! Definitely a challenge, but in a very good way!

I just checked and I'm having the same issue as @zipplyo - the tag has 25 letters, and steem gets cranky with 24. But I'll do as you suggested, and drop my link over here when it's done. Thanks for doing this!

you're very welcome @traciyork

@claudiaz This is the link to my entry. I hope you like it.

clothesline (2).jpg

I have a photo in mind. Now I just need to find it or come up with something new. Could be tricky as our washing line hands between Ist floor walls?

I am sure you will come up with something @gillianpearce

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Here is my entry for your contest this week. It was a challenge to remember around when I might have taken a photo like this, but luckily I found one from May 2017! It's much too cold to try to line dry anything here right now. Though I've heard that pioneers would "freeze-dry" their laundry in the winter. I can't imagine!


thanks @hethur240 for your entry. Freeze dry washing? I have never heard of that, but then what did people do before the days of dryers? I suppose they had no choice.

Congratulations you have won rewards for showcasing your amazing photography in Your Story Contest. I have used one your photographs in Winners Announcement post.

thanks I saw it.

Ohhh this sounds like fun. Keeping my peepers open for that great shot!!

looking forward to it.

Interesting challenge! Yesterday I posted an article with some pictures that can Join the challenge! Thank you @strypes for telling me about it! :)
I used the tag with out “the”.

I am glad you chose to enter this contest. I saw your photos in the photography section and thought that they were amazing (great post too).

Thank you so much!! :) It is a good, nice and challenging contest for photographers, I'm going to follow it! Thank you again for telling me :)

you are most welcome. good luck.

thanks @strypes, good idea, and lovely photos @stella87, I have added them to the contest.

Nice. I have something in mind for this.

This is my entry

Wish to be part of the winners

Cong. lovely photos

thanks for the entry

This week I can make it, sweetie! I couldn't manage to put the tag, it´s too long, so here is the link :))
Cheers and have fun!

I love these really specific themes. It's so much fun to see how they are interpreted by different people. Here is my entry for "the washing line". Thanks for organizing!


washline in Venice-1.jpg

thanks for the submission and good luck

thanks @teahna, got the entry, nice photo.

Lol @claudiaz, thanks for this hilarious contest. I am just laughing reading this contest. I followed your trail from @mammasitta's entry. See if I can find any around my area. Have resteemed and upvoted. Have a nice day! 😊

thank you @ainie.kashif I appreciate that very much. I would for you to join the contest, every week a new theme, and no to be professional just fun and creative.

Heheh... thanks I will try my best... this will be an adventure.

I still cannot find any huhuhu...

dont worry @ainie.kashif you can take part in the next contest, we have one every week, and if you follow me the you will be sure to see it.

Hahahha okay @claudiaz... have followed you on this adventure 😊

great, then I will see you around!

Everyone here is so cool, am sure not to miss it 👍😊

Still haven't been able to find the photo I'm looking for but found this interesting one from Nepal instead. Will keep looking.

this one was nice, but feel free to enter as many as you like!

Yep. Thanks. I've still got my eye out for my original thought. I hope I'm not disappointed if I do find it after all this build up! 😁

@claudiaz here is the link to my entry: https://steemit.com/washinglinephotography/@freewheel/the-washing-line-photo-contest Thanks for the contest - hope to participate more in the future!

thanks for the entry, and if you follow my blog you will see the new contests every week.

Oh, stahhhhp it! That little frog is so cuuuute! 😍 I appreciate the unexpected subject matter. 😉

@zipplyo, happy you like it, we should get some great creative photos for this one!

I look forward to seeing what people come up with. While I don't have access to a washing line presently, I did already have something appropriate. :)

It's my entry852714001_194070.jpg

wowamazing picture

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