"A Precious SMILE" 😊

in photography •  last year

"The innocent smile of a child is the most beautiful thing in the world" Good afternoon Steemians..

I am proud to say that this baby girl is my lovely daughter. There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a happy and smiling child. A child's smile is worth more than all the money in the world.


Her smile really keeps me going. This smile is a warm, cheerful, and magnetic. May I ask you guys, how do those smiles make you feel? Happy? Hopeful?

I love it when you smile my baby but I love it even more when I am the reason behind your smile.

You are my inspiration baby 👶 Love Love


Photo credits to Mr. Jesus Caraig, my husband - jtcaraig photography 2013. Thank you 😊

Thanks guys for dropping by..

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My thanks..



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Ganda nung kuha :)


Thank you dear.. god bless :)

Hey, just wanted to let you know I gave you an upvote because I appreciate your content! =D See you around


Wow! Appreciated too. I am happy to know that you like it. God bless :)

So cute! Upvoted <3