Help me to title this photo - 1SBD- Ayudame a Titular esta foto

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Hello Steemians, what's up?

Here I have a portrait that I made to a friend, and this photo will be exposed in a meeting of novice photographers, so we should put a title but .....

What title to put to this photo?


We would like you to help us !! And if the best name will give 1SBD.
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Hola Steemians, Que tal ?

Aqui tengo un retrato que le hice a una amiga, y esta foto sera expuesta en una reunion de Fotografos principiantes, por lo que debemos ponere un titulo pero .....

¿Que nombre ponerle a la foto?


nos gustaria que nos ayudaras!! y si al mejor nombre le dare 1SBD.
Para participar debes dar upvote y resteem

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Nice pictures.

'help, i've glued my hands to my face but i'm feeling frisky time'

i win right? thanks.

"No lo quiero ver pero me gusta"

Bien ! lo voy a poner en la lista !!

!Tímida coquetería¡ /
Shy coquetry¡

@christianytony my answer is LATINA LOVE GAME

You can not see, but she is chinese hahahahahaha
"Chinese love game"....I'll write it down in my notebook, thanks

Yep you got me on this one but still the title is catchy !!!!

Don't look yet!

Thanks!!... I'll write it down in my notebook, I'll let you know if you're the winner

You're welcome! :)

@dralex that sounds more like a phrase from her lover that s something her lover would say in order to suprise her

My title is perfect! I'm sorry.

: )

(Title) If I had to guess...tastes like...
Would appreciate the same.
Great photo

Thanks!! ....I'll write it down in my notebook

You are welcome. Hope it helps. Sometimes things just come to me...sounded good. Please don't forget to upvote me...thanks.

Followed you hop u follow back and upvote my comment