SteemitPhotoChallenge #47 Glamour/Fashion II – Entry 2: Avant Garde with Hayley

Photographed with Canon 1DsmIII , 24-70mm L 2.8, 1/160th @f14, ISO100
Lighting via Beauty Dish on Strobe and model against a mirror.

A lot of the time a photo is only as good as the team that help created it and would like to give credit to the team below on this shoot.
Model: Hayley Jones
Makeup: Morena Abellar
Hair styling: Ah Kim Tan Anthony
Stylist/Makeup: Nou Koncept
Wardobe: Alice Nakano

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Very interesting article! Keep up the good work, friend! I will definitely follow you, you can also check my profile and if you like my articles feel free to follow me too! :) @chrisdavidphoto


Thankyou @thaodai. Im just learning my way around here but will be sure to check

Great photo and honorable credit. Congrats on the win, the whole team hell of a job!