On Indian independence day : Anti-dairy outreach and a hug to nature

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Today 15th August (Indian independence day) is a very special day for all Indians. Nowadays my morning routine is anti-dairy outreach with @xyzashu outside Jain Monk's Chaturmas Place(A place where Jain monks stay for four months during monsoon season) A lot of public come every day to listen to them so we are selected this place to spread our message in the dairy obsessed Jain community.
Tow days before we were opposed and attacked by by Jain community due to our direct message to them दूध छोड़, दया जोड़ but from yesterday we resumed our campaign.

A moment during anti-dairy campaign


Today independence day is a public holiday in India, the weather is good, and the landscapes are green so in the evening I went for a long drive with the family. Family time is a fun time with a lot of relaxing moments. In the city I live in is surrounded by the famous Aravali range and become lush green during rainy season so there are a lot of places to go for the outing. We took a round of famous Pichola Lake. This lake is surrounded by beautiful landscape. I forgot to carry my DSLR so took some photographs with my mobile camera.





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Happy Independence Day Bro ! Love from neighbors @chetanpadliya


@chetanpadliya, I am proud to have Indian friends, these guys are great and I salute to all the brave soldiers who protect the great nation with their life. Happy independence day!!

Happy Independence Day in India.

If I understood correctly then you want milk products sale to stop.
If this is the case then I want to understand the logic behind it?
Can you please make me understand.

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Our message is to stop consuming milk as it is completely unnatural to gulp milk of any other species. No other than human being on this planet consume milk(which is a baby food) of other species till death. According to nature our mother's milk is enough till teeth comes. After that a healthy life can be lived on plant based foods.