A Day with Nature

in #photography4 years ago

Today's Morning shot we took while we were on a road trip to the near by hill , Its peaceful indeed

Please up vote share and comment if you like it will be cool
Thanks and have a great day steemians


It's fantastic.

Hi @chelsea20 best regards 🙋
I really like how to take your photos, nature is very calm and natural. I really like to see the sunrise let alone the edge of the lake or the sea with a very fresh air would be very comfortable for a morning workout. Emmm .. where is that location?
Keep working to produce your best photos. 🙆
Don't forget follback Me 😁

Shot @chelsea20, and a good one. I just posted some fab sunsets if you wish to take a look. Happy day to you.

Nice picture ! 100% upvoted from @chanthasam

beautiful sharing , upvoted,, visit my posts also

@chelsea20 hey buddy! great content! It was a great idea to follow you! Followed, upvoted - you truly deserve it!

If you have some spare time, check out my profile, too!
fetmom - real estate investor and donator :)

great post. i follow you

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