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Drought and Neglect: photo series

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Hi @lauraflint, here from Limpopo...

You might be aware of the different teams for different countries on Steemit - @teamaustralia, @teamphilippines, @teamusa etc...

These teams have created some amazing tight-knit communities of fellow Steemians supporting each other and their countries.

I have been in discussion with the good folks “down under” and have decided to officially start our very own Team South Africa 🇿🇦🎉

Please would you do us the honour of becoming one of our founding members for Team South Africa?

The rules for members of Team South Africa will be relatively simple:

  1. You obviously need to be a South African (expats are welcome too).
  2. Follow @teamsouthafrica. The @teamsouthafrica account will follow all official members in return (this will be the “official” list of members).
  3. Follow any existing Team South Africa members that you share a common interest with (no need to follow everyone).
  4. When creating new posts, be sure to also include the tag teamsouthafrica (it can even be your last tag).
  5. Regularly check the teamsouthafrica tag and upvote the content you like.

The @teamsouthafrica account will resteem 1 or 2 member posts a day (not too many so as not to clutter your feed). We will try and keep these resteems as unbiased as possible. Just remember, we will be looking for quality posts. If you like any of these posts, please upvote them to support these members.

We are currently also looking for some whales/dolphins to join our team. This will also be a great way for these amazing people to help grow and promote South Africans on Steemit.
If you know any South African whales/dolphins, please send me their details so we can approach them too - the more the merrier 😉

Early next week we will officially be announcing Team South Africa to the WORLD!!

If you are interested in becoming one of the founding members (and I really hope your are), please join our Discord chat channel here -
Once joined, please send me a PM (private message) on Discord so we can add you…

Speaking of Discord - we will require one or two moderators to keep things “civil” 😉 If you are interested in becoming a moderator and think you have what it takes, please also let me know in a PM so we can chat…

Also, feel free to send me details of any other South Africans that you think would be interested in joining Team South Africa so I can send them this invite too.


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