Forgetting to live the present

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Most of the strongest leaders and achievers take some time to relax and reflect. They realize that life is not only about work, that it's important to enjoy it too.


We often postpone things we want to do for later. We try to convince ourselves that enjoyment will come "When we have more money... When We have more time... When the kids are out of the house... After retirement" It's almost as if we have forgotten that we are not living in the future, we are here now and today is just as good as any.

Of course it's important to plan ahead, but its just as important to be balanced, to realize that life is happening right now.

"Life is what happens when we are busy making plans"-John Lennon

Hope everyone is having a productive weekend...



Happiness is in living your life for a purpose.

Dear @chbartist I am here to reply your work as photograph piece...
My first contact was the picture.
But, you planed to reveal thoughts a bit different than what you can see with this shot.
But lets start from something.

I made those faults too, looking the future losing the present and forgetting the past.
When we were young, we were looking to play, have fun and trying to reveal our thoughts without trying to hide "bad" sides.
Planing our future makes our present more organised and effective in our entire life. This helps us gather and memorize situations and time-frozen memories so after few hours, days, weeks, even years we will be able to remember those memories and reveal them in front of us once again. So powerful, so beautiful, so alive like you leave them once more.

The photograph, now, shows me the power of frozen time. This might be a shot from the past, with a nice black&white kodak camera, or it could be a modern technological shot, with dslr, post produced and published.
The meaning? The same.
Power of photography. Freezes the time, revealing the true image of life, time, and body position.

Nice work (as photographer) I would like to see more info about the shot, if those would be available...

I love your thought. <3

This is a great reminder for my self and anyone else. Last few months I've been focusing a lot more on my work for Design and less on my "playfulness time".

The more I focused on work, the more tiny habits that kept me focused and balanced fell off the place. Like journaling, going out for a walk with no phone, playing with my dog more often, etc.

I'm naturally a bit more of a goer and don't sit still, so I do rest and relax by doing some other stuff.

BIGGEST INSIGHT: I've noticed after dropping the small habits, like being mindful of a beautiful day, just observing the nature, and being more present.

I started getting way more tired. My sleep went up from usual 6 hours to almost 8, mood swings etc.

It's almost a paradox that by being disciplined to mindfulness I receive more out of life.

It makes you really think if you're taking on something, what are you giving away?

i learnt alot from it

Nicely said!
Where else is inspiration, drive and energy supposed to come from? It’s exactly those moments of joy, peace and love that give us the impetus we need in order to be productive and creative. Integrating tranquility in our daily lives is quite essential, I think. 🙂

asi es... hay que vivir el recorrido, disfrutar el camino ,porque quizás eso que "queremos" y que pensamos que esta al final de la montaña, lo dejamos pasar sin darnos cuenta. "La Felicidad es el camino"

Your post speaks for US <3 resteemed and upvoted

So true. Thanks for the reminder. I recall when I moved to Italy back in the 80's one of the first lessons I learned from Italians and their culture was how "Americans tend to Live to Work, whereas Italians tend to Work to Live". I found the same way of living when I lived in Brazil as well. Of course that was then and now it seems more and more people everywhere live to work out of necessity. Still we all need to "stop and smell the roses" from time to time. It re-calibrates and recharges our spirit and mind.

Also, it struck me when I was a teenager studying Psychology a sort of simplified way to apply it to life. If we live in the past, we live in pain. if we live in the future, we live in fear. So the key is to live right NOW right where we are here. If you really stop and think about it, Now really is all there ever is. "Past" and "Future" are constructs that take us out of the present, where our real choice resides, and rob us of so much of it's blessings. All the best

Thanks for sharing. Everything involves living in the minute to some degree. We make plans for a later time or date but we live in the moment until we get to that time or place. Living in the moment is not about failing to plan or being lazy, it is really about planing and then enjoying your moments. Or it could simply be enjoying each moment as it comes with no regard to planing or preparing for anything that comes ahead. Either way, we live in each moment whether it was planned or unexpected. The important factor is how we respond to living in the moment when life is difficult or unexpected? Those moments help to define who we are and how we will move directionally; forward or backward. Good insight, thanks for posting. :-)

You Inspire me @chbartrist

Your thoughts are scintillating and mind provoking

I shoulf meditate on this
Thanks a lot

Why are we in a hurry so much? It s not like we can do something to surpass the time. The time flies anyway, so we must just enjoy our stay here on earth as much as we can do. Today I`m gonna go for a walk with my husband, eat an ice cream, watch a movie, away from the smartphones and internet. Just live the life !

Yeah.... Life is what happens now. Life in your present seconds, minutes, hours and present day. We need to wisely live in it like there is no tomorrow. Above all Bible describes it has a vapour. Nice one.

Love it!! This is just what I needed to read today. Reminds me of Eckhart Tolle and The Power of Now.

"Life is what happens when we are able to decide"
Just George.


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I totally agrre with you! It's like that phrase of Randy Komisar: "...the most dangerous risk of all -- the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.”
Good post, man!

I love your thought and ideas @chbartist

good post. we are always thinking about our tomorrow. if we start to live in present we can enjoy it. don't worry about tomorrow. it will be okyy

man this is so much related with my life as well.

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This is really great. As we say in Nigeria "Life no get part two" which means life is lived once so enjoy it while it lasts

thanks nice post.have a great weekend

@chbartis, You are absolutely right, we always have priorities in our life that are not directly related to one, and are called responsibilities, that's why since I got married, I decided that Sundays are mine, free is the day to go to the hairdresser, get ready , or go to the movies, I always take it for me despite my busy schedule, and my children.

You don't know how right you are. waiting for a particular day to come so that we can enjoy is just laboring in vain cos there is rarely a day set out for that. we just have to enjoy our life each day as we live it. creating sweet memories as we go by. living in our wildest dreams every day as much as it is possible. Then some day we can look back and not have any regrets.

I like this post! Very uplifting and reminds me that these are the years that I need to spend every minute with my young children making memories and instilling morals.

I always remind myself we're surrounded by stars on a planet where you can actually do stuff and experience great things. Also difficult things of course. But looking at the stars helps to put things in perspective.

The past is only your brain looking backwards, but it is doing so now. The future is only your mind projecting what it might be like in a time to come, but it is still doing this now - there is never a time that is not now.

I'm honestly thinking about working until I have about 10 grand saved up, and then taking off and traveling for a while. And writing. And creating art. And loving life. It helps to have a launching pad for a starting point, and I think a big part of that is letting go of all the stuff you don't need--possessions, relationships, commitments, etc--while valuing them enough that it's not as if you're throwing them away; you're simply freeing them up for someone else to enjoy. ;-)