Helicopter Flight In The Mountains

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Last Sunday I was fortunate enough to go on a two hour helicopter ride over massive glaciers and towering mountains. My father is a pilot and he took us out for a day of flying. We took off from Anchorage and flew north towards Eagle River. After a short time above the highway we made it to Knik Glacier. I have been to the glacier twice and posted about it in the past. The only access to the glacier is in the winter by way of a series of rough and primitive trails flanking the river. It's about 30 miles out from the trailhead and takes at least two hours. With the helicopter we made it in about 15 minutes. It was amazing seeing the glacier from above after having walked on the ice.

From the air you get a sense of just how dangerous glaciers can be. The deep crevasses are completely unforgiving and one misstep could lead to serious injury or death. I've always stayed near the frozen lake at the edge of the glacier when my group drove to it. After traveling up the valley we came across George Glacier. I knew there was a lake in this area but I was completely unaware there was a glacier further in the mountains.

My dad pushed the R44 helicopter pretty hard to make it over the mountain peaks, but once we did we were greeted with the fundamental minimalism of winter. Pristine layers of snow blanketed the mountains as we climbed higher and higher. We then flew over Eklutna Lake. This lake is the water source for the city of Anchorage. It was amazing flying only a few hundred feet over mountain peaks that I had climbed on. Almost effortlessly we traveled over the mountains, a far departure from the effort put in to climb to the top.

Leaving Eklutna we flew over Crow Creek Pass, a mountain pass that you can hike in the summer. The hike is 22 miles one way! We flew through in about 15 minutes, a trip that would take nearly two days by foot. Exiting the pass we were surrounded by the dense forest of Girdwood, a small ski town to the south of Anchorage. We flew along the coast and back into town.

















Thank you for reading and supporting my work! This was an amazing experience and one I'll remember forever. I'm currently planning another flight, most likely in the fall and will definitely be sharing when I go.

Also, there are only 70 days until my friend @dimitri0610 and I go on our 45 day road trip! I plan on sharing every day here on steemit and can't wait to experience life on the road.

-- Chase


Amazing photos.. :)

I appreciate the support! :)

Stunning photos. I'd love to do that heli flight

That is a whole pile of ice, i wish i could see one though.

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A very amazing adventure with a helicopter, I hope to be able to come with you next time to feel the sensation of flying over the glester ..😁

the amazing travel and shots wow have a nice day good luck in the contest

I hope one day am able to do this. Thanks for sharing

Wow said the owl! What a cool trip. Amazing scenery; its epic up there. Nice bird also.

great photos you’ve got there! i do believe we share the same passion in photography and art! gave you a follow. keep on steemin!

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Incredible photos mate!

Those mountains are spectacular! And the up-close glacier pics are captivating! such patterns, much wow!

@chaseburnett your posts is very good

Upvote back my friend

what else can I say? WOW!

Wow amazing, the experience and the photos!

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Excellent captures and great experience.

That's... WOW! Wonderful report! This is one of my dreams - to take a pictures from helicopter :-)

Far out Chase, these are next level!

What an immense view of this vast and harsh landscape. Getting a drone up there to see how it all looks from the sky is one thing, going yourself by helicopter is on a whole different level =) I guess you're pretty curious when he is going to ask you for another round right!

Wow this is an awesome post, and the shots are insane !

I LOVE your photos!! I wish I could travel to a place like that with a lots of snow, its so pure and magic!!!

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So many beautifully awesome pictures. You are right, hiking would certainly take longer. Imagine something that would have taken you hours an hours you did it in 15 minutes. It's better to fly if and when you can. Keep us posted on your trip. I would love to see those pictures.

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