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With warmer weather just around the corner, I wanted to hold a photography contest celebrating it.

To Enter:

  1. Post a picture in the comments that gets you excited for summer. This could be a photo from a road trip, a photo from last summer, or anything else that gets you excited for the warmer weather. Only photos taken by you are eligible.

  2. Add a caption describing something about the photo. (Your thought process, what you were doing that day, etc.)

  3. Resteem this post so that more people have a chance to enter.

following and upvoting does not influence your chance to win, but it is very much appreciated :)

1st place will recieve 1.0 SBD
2nd place will receive 1.0 SBD
3rd place will receive 1.0 SBD

All judging is done by me. Remember, photography is subjective and if you don't win, don't get discouraged. Winners will receive their prize in one week when the contest ends.

Here is a photo that gets me excited for summer. I took this while hiking up a mountain with a few friends last year. The campground below was packed but we had the mountain all to ourselves. We found a small flat area near the top of the peak and set up our tents. In the morning we watched the sun's light fall over the glacial lake below.


Thank you for supporting this contest and my work!

-- Chase


Amazing travel photo! Thanks for the post

Thanks for commenting!

No problem!

Sipping a cup of coffee by the sea

This is the photo, i personally took, that gets me excited for summer. I captured this last Christmas when we went beachin’ with my friends. I had a great time during the golden hour at this certain beach in our place. we were lucky enough to see the beauty of sunset! :)


It is really wonderful


This photo was taking by me in Lamego, Portugal!
My beautiful friends having a good time enjoying summer!

Great photo! I plan on doing this all summer. Thanks for entering!

Thank you :))

This is great! Very summery :)

I love portugal! Good work!

Colour grading is insane! Good work!

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a beautiful moment that I lived starting this year on a farm, accompanied by great friends, I think there is something more beautiful than traveling and sharing new experiences with people you love.
this was in "el tigre", venezuela

Summertime - an opportunity for adventure, hiking in the mountains and exploring new remote places!


after going home to the fishermen, they take the fish that still stuck in the net it is collected in a basket, before selling it to costumer.

This photo was captured yesterday at "Lido" beach in the city of Lechería in Venezuela. While appreciating the sunset after enjoying an afternoon of beach.



"The replica"

It was my friend when we travel to Digos moutain area here in Philippines.The air is cool and fresh that water in there is not a pool it is just a small pond.They have a cold pool from natural cold spring.I love this idea when I took this photo.

This was a few years ago whilst cruising in Barbados. I was enjoying some time off from work.


This photo was taken last summer. Storms get me excited about summer because I see stormy weather as a good photo op. As an inspiring photographer, I do not want to miss a photo op

I participate leaving the image here in the comments?

poland (12).JPG

this photo get me excited cuz when i see the fall and all the flowers and many colors im happier so i have more power to do some hiking and go to the mountains .
this photo i took in Zakopane in poland it was a really good day to remember :)

Great photo! Thanks for entering, I would love to visit Poland it looks beautiful

:D it is and Yes you should 👍

With the combination of seeing your post, and listening to this I went ahead and posted this today. So, here is my submission.

I don't live near any beaches really (Great Lakes don't count), but they're just a blast. Especially the West coast ones.


buena foto increible

IMG-20140905-WA0005.jpgFun in the beach.
With the aunts and my husband was enough to enjoy the best summer, in crystal clear waters and a radiant sun we enjoyed a boat tour and a rich grill of skewers and chorizos and could not miss a rich sebiche, until sunset came and we say goodbye to the sun


hot day requires a cold nose in the ear

2017-11-26 07.40.14 1.jpg

Summer is my favorite season, and I am very excited on it. Every summer I am always looking forward on spending days on the beach and experience the breath-taking sunrise. This photo was taken during on our way heading to a beach resort.

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Vacationing on one of the beaches of Aceh, Indonesia, summer a few years ago.

Look how real happy it was there, what we created together, even if it was simple.


Summer means going to visit my family in Oregon and this view of the horses in field next door.


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This summers up summer for me, surfing in the morning then finishing off the day with a hike and being rewarded with this amazing place for a dip

aaah fishing! that's on River Thames, but this summer it will be in much wilder places...camping with friends, grilling, breathing fresh air, listening to the nature and to fishing rod bells ...can't wait.



I took this photo last summer in the Alps. I have never been there but I want to go back once in my life and explore all of the small lakes like Pian Palú.

This is the day I went on a little photographing trip in Estonia with my friend.

Now I have a funny story with this picture below. We were on someones barley field and it leaves tracks where u step which means you kind of ruin their crops, farmers usually dont like it. At some point, we saw someone driving towards us on the gravel road. I shouted to my friend STAY DOWN! WE NEED TO HIDE NOW, THEY CANT SEE US IN MIDDLE OF THE TALL BARLEY. So we stayed down and at this moment I knew, I fucked up. I had left my car in a middle of the thin road and it is not possible for the other car to pass. I started running towards my car and by the time I reached there, the other car already waited and probably thought of what the fuck is this idiot doing. Fortunately, he didn't say anything. The best thing is, my friend managed to take a photo of me at the exact right moment.This photo reminds me last summer the most.

Exact moment when I realized I'm fucked and pointed toward my car

I can’t wait for summer to come back, and for more hikes in the mountains! This is emerald lake, BC.d


the yellow heart of a daisy...
for me this flower is a simbol that summer is coming
picture taken with smarthphone , 3 days ago in Bologna (Italy)


On a fun trip with my brother couple with some of our friends, took this picture while on the canoe though i was kind of scared but then it is a beautiful view. I really appreciate the true wonders of nature...

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Excellent photo quality, solid performance.

What a great competition theme - I know I cannot wait for the warmer weather to set in (though not like that really happens in London that's why i'm going awayyyyyy)

Here's our entry :
footlock (1 of 1).jpg
Just some typical monkeying around on a beach in Cape Verde - probably the most beautiful beach either of us has ever seen! How we miss those days in the sun!

Viajamos en catamarán para conocer el hermoso parque la llovizna en Puerto Ordaz Venezuela, su nombre se debe a la caida del agua que choca con las rocas haciendo un efecto de lluvia que cae sobre el rostro de quienes admiran de cerca este precioso salto, que hacen de este parque único en el mundo.

la llovizna 2.jpg


this photo i was looking at the mountain view in takengon.


Summer means more beach to explore and do some cliff jumps! This is taken at Camotes Island, Philippines.


This photo was taken from my hometown few years back. Though we only have two seasons - dry and rainy season and mostly warm weather all throughout the year because Philippines is a tropical country, this photo gets me more excited of summer where the sea is this calm with almost no waves. During this time, fish catch is also abundant and it is safer to have a long swim day or night.

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