The Largest Picture on the Internet -- 365 Gigapixels!!

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Image source

Have you ever wondered what the largest picture on the internet is? I'm guessing no... But it is still very interesting! This photo was a panorama taken of of Mont Blanc, the tallest Mountain in Europe! Here it is (a smaller version of course!).

Image source

If you want to see how detailed this shot is, here are a few examples:

Image source

Image source (for the two above)

Image source

Image source

How big is 365 gigapixels? take a look at this image:

This image is 640 × 162 pixels. This is a total of 103,680 pixels. Let's reflect back on what some of the unit prefixes mean for a moment.


A gigapixel is a billion pixels!! That means that the real image is about 9645 times larger than the one shown above! That is impressive! Using a Canon EF 400mm f/2.8 II IS, a Canon 70D DSLR, and a Canon Extender 2X III on a robotic mount, a team captured 70,000 photos with over 35 hours of shooting! If the image was printed at 300 dots per inch, it would be as large as a soccer field!

You can view the picture here. The detail of this picture is amazing! It is fun to zoom in and out to see what you can find.

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Simply awesome my friend @ charlie.wilson congratulations

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Now that's a cool random fact!

I wasnt even aiming for a pun lol

Wow, that is a large image. Here are some interesting ones of cities you can scroll through.


Cool, thanks!