Witnessed the beautiful Hanuman Temple

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Hey Steemit friends,

I visited the beautiful Hanuman Temple yesterday with my friends. It was awesome traveling with the guys who were my childhood mates and yes it was our first train journey together. It was all about fun , jokes, imitation and all. On reaching the destination we walked the whole day because we didn't want to lose the precious time by travelling by a car. We had a fear of losing time in case of any hurry,lol; you may got that, haha.

The temple is situated at Gugamukh, Assam. It is about 200 kms from Helem,Assam. It was a Divine feeling when we reached the destination. It was filled with spirituality, peace and peace everywhere. It was like sweating somewhere in a place of divine and lost in serenity.


(The beautiful entrance gate)


(Ganpati Bappa mauriya)


(Murti-Lord Rama, Maa Sita and Lakshmana)


(Lord Hanumana)


(Lord Krishna and Maa Radha)


(Shravan Kumar- is Known for his Pitri-matri bhakti means his awesome love for his parents)


(This picture of sculpture of monkeys was fascinating)

Thank you guys

Keep Steem On

Basudhaiwa Kutumbakam

(Means the world is my family in Sanskrit)

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Nice photography bro. Well written.


Thank you;)

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