Preparing for Work... But Not Yet

in #photography5 years ago

I was just waking up and listen how rain drops splash my window but after some time the sun shows his face. It is time for work today but not just yet, I must go outside and take some pictures, I take my phone and make this photo. I hope you will like it and stay in touch for more photos from outside. I hope the rain will not come again and wash me to hard:)



romantic as we reach to the Heavens for grace

Hheh, now i see the photo is some kind really good:)

Amazing shot 😊

Ur welcome. Thx for sharing upvoted

Nice story
Like it

Thank you, i just respond some comments and i am gone to take some photos:)

Amazing story and very nice shot!

Thank you @chirobanm, i was happy because the sun apear and i know today will be not so hot here🙄

Wow, awesome image, looks so cinematic... it remind me of an apocalyptic scenario where the main character is finally seeing the sun that has been hiding for such a long time.

Great photo, congratulations!

Thank you, lol now I can make movies:) I always want to make movies but now i am too little for that. It was just a simple photos but she turns into something really nice and epic.

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Very cool photo

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