Photography-Solar Eclipse-Clouds visible in pinhole projector

in #photography3 years ago

I can see the clouds!

In my state, we got 80-90% coverage. I made an old school pinhole projector from a cereal box. The same kind we made at school decades ago. All I remember from middle school was the changing circle of light. I was surprised and amazed by the view I got today in the bottom of my cereal box. That's not mottling on the paper. That's an image of the blue sky and clouds--whispy around the sun with a puffy cloud bank to the left of it.

There was an invisible, extra hole in my aluminum screen. I never was able to see it, but I could put my thumb over it to block its image. I joked that I had to restrain myself from looking behind me to see if there were two suns in the sky.

This is my magic viewing device.


it is great but the real eclipse is the eclipse of the Bitcoin.