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Three weeks ago, I lost one of my fluffy family members, my cat Moppet died of Feline Leukaemia. I hand reared and adopted Moppet several years ago with his brother Mittens, when they were barely a week old, his brother doesn't have Leukaemia and has survived. We really miss Moppet, as he was such a gentle loving soul, so we decided to honour him by adopting two little kittens from the animal shelter in a city, in the south of Ecuador, where abandoned cats and dogs are a huge problem here.

The photos above are of our new additions, Sati, is the brown and white one, and Zen is ginger and white, we adopted Zen as we knew no one else would take her as she requires special care, she has a congenital eye deformation, where her corneas were not properly formed, and her eyelashes need to be trimmed as they grow inward to the eyes and she was initially blind but now she can see and with some alternative therapy we are giving her, her sight is getting better each day.

My cats are a continuous inspiration to me, I have grown up with them and find great peace and joy in watching them play and having their comforting company around at my writing desk and on my laptop where I spend a lot of time writing. Here are some earlier pictures of Mittens and Moppet when I was hand rearing them two years ago, I named them after the famous Beatrix Potter characters in the Tales of Peter Rabbit.














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Mittens and Moppet were a team, they always loved to snuggle together too, this last photo is of their last hug, Mittens giving Moppet a hug as he knew he was sick.


Meet Mittens with me today sat at my writing desk, he is getting over losing his brother, though no one will ever replace our loving Moppet, but Mittens is starting to play with his newly adopted siblings Sati and Zen and he keeps me company when I am writing, when he is not draped over the laptop.


I can say that one of the most useful things I have done, whilst I have been living in Central and South America, is rescuing or adopting abandoned cats and dogs over the years. In the six years I have lived in Ecuador, I have rescued 30 cats and dogs and sterilized them and found most of them homes, an achievement in itself in a country that is drowning in strays on the street. If there is anything positive to do after losing a pet is to adopt another if you have the room for them in your life, they are worth it and home isn't home without them.

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Que tiernos

Beautiful, thanks for helping these guys out. They seem to have a passion for freelance writing (the laptop) LOL

poor cat...

Bless you for opening your heart and how blessed are with with the love of cats. Love it