New equipment

in photography •  5 months ago


Yay finally got myself a new cam 🙌
First i wanted to get the sony alpha 7 s mk2 but after watching lots of reviews on youtube and reading some stuff i decided to get the canon 6d mk2...its a bit better in lowlight situations and has a few better features...thats for the photographer in me

...only minus for me as a doesn't film in 4k...🤔 why not canon? I don't understand it...but i hope with a software update this problem should be worst case i should maybe install magic lantern 😎👌

What is your equipment you working with?
And what cam do you like more?
60d or 6d mk2?
Just tell me in the comments i'm curious whats the results 😜

Soon you will see some new footage made with my new cam 😉🙌

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