New Wig, New Makeup, New Eyebrows....

in #photography2 years ago

Hey Steemit!

I've had a really busy week of shooting and editing, along with makeup clients this weekend. My girlfriend and I are turning our attention to focus on building my brand, so it's been stressful and exciting all at the same time. I have severe imposter syndrome and feel like people wouldn't pay me what I probably deserve for my work, so she's taking the reigns and dealing with the business side of my freelancing. Sometimes I truly wonder what I did to deserve such a wonderful partner.

In the middle of being stressed, I must have blacked out and bought new makeup and wigs; all of it being colors that I don't usually wear or would never pick for myself, and it actually turned out really interesting.


I also decided that I was going to finally rip off the ends of my eyebrows. I'm very into the Vulcan brow look, but was always too afraid to fully commit to it. I love how they look and I can't believe I didn't do it sooner!


Also, I saw this green & purple wig and thought "wow, that is SO not something I would wear. I should get it", which is obviously the normal response someone would have. I'm going to set style it this weekend, but I enjoyed how it looked just brushed out. Super groovy.


Going to finally catch up on some much-needed sleep! Send some love! xx


You should do some cosplay :)

I definitely have thought about it! I think I prefer cosplay photos rather than walking around a convention in costume, but I admire people who are able to do that!! x

It is great to experiment with our looks. This does look pretty beautiful. I hope you achieve success in building your brand. All the best to your girlfriend and you. :)

It is definitely always refreshing to try something new! Thank you so much for your kind words! xx

You're welcome. Keep experimenting. :)

You look good with any brow and your partner sounds like a dream. It’s always nice to have that kind of support when it comes to your craft.

Awww shucks, thank you beauty! She's pretty fantastic. I got super lucky with her. <3