I'm finally back!! (Don't lose your Steemit pw, kids!)

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

I'm so mad at myself for doing EXACTLY what my friend @kommienezuspadt told me not to do! My notes in my phone cleared out unexpectedly, and POOF, my password was gone. Nice work, Cara.

Anyway, I've been doing a ton so I wanted to share a couple photos with you. First up, the gorgeous Mistress Rum Dolor, a Natural Domme here in Los Angeles. She has such an incredible vibe and seductive "nature witch" vibe to her, I ended up finding the perfect location to shoot with her out in Highland Park. I made her wake up at 6 am to meet me there so I could get some nice light (natural lighting and I don't always get along, but I refuse to give up on it!).


Next, I shot with Dominatrix Tori Lux, who recently had a breast augmentation done and hadn't had a professional photoshoot done in almost a year, so she was so excited to get back in front of the camera and show off her new ladies! We shot at the gorgeous & bright Dungeon East here in LA- I love how airy it is. It strays away from the idea that dungeons always need to be dark and black.


I'll post some more today too! I have so many photos I haven't posted that I wanna share with y'all! xo


and what a way to come back. nice. new follower here to get the things going

Thanks so much for the follow! xx

Good to have you back! :)

Thanks buddy! Can't wait to catch up on the cool art you've posted!!

Missed you in here!

I missed you all! So glad to finally be back!! Phew!! <3

Nature witch!!! I finally know what I want to be when I grow up ;* I absolutely love the rich and deepness of the fabric colors and textures against those lovely natural materials of wood and stone.

Glad you were able to recover your account and looking forward to more!

Thank you so much! It's one of the first times a client has come to me and said "I want you to have creative power over everything" and I'm so in love with how it all turned out!!

The body positioning helps guide my eye to each little element, from the skull, to the plants behind, fire elements along those steps. I'm a sucker for forest/organic imagery against human form/fashion! Guess it's just my happy place ;*

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nice work.. yeahhhh definitly don't lose your password..

Thank you! haha yeah, I've got that thing down a million times now.