Oh No You Kady-Didn't

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This menacing looking girl really isn't menacing at all. It's a simple Katydid.

Where do they get their peculiar name? It is derived from the perceived sound they make. A mixture of calls and clicks that sound like 'ka-ty-did'.

They are plant eaters. You can often find them on very green leaves. But look close, they blend in almost perfectly.

See if you can find one today in your lawn, your garden or maybe at a local park.

Let me know if you find a Katydid, or if you strike out and become a katydidn't.

Till next time....

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looks like something out of Alien vs Predator 😱😊


I wouldn't want an elephant sized one chasing me through the deep dark woods....lol

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Agreed 100%.


Close up with grasshopper, how did you do that??


It's a katydid. Close to a grasshopper, but a little different. I used a Panasonic FZ300 with a Raynox 250 lens. ISO at 100, F8 with the flash on. The Raynox let's you magnify while still being able to keep about 9 inches between you and the subject. Find it on Amazon.


I just checked out your photos. Excellent editing! What are you using to edit with?

Wow, didn't know there are meaner looking creatures than my turtle :D


Ha! Nothing is meaner looking than a turtle! ;)

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