Photography #49 Beautiful Yellow Flower

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Hello everyone steemian.....

How are you everyone? Your sill is fine! Amen. I will give you a photo of interest to you all, but I do not know the name of the flower. Must ask the new interest expertise the name of the flower.

This flower is a very beautiful flower, the color of the flower is yellow. Anyway will not like when we see it, let alone bosa touched the flower. This flower is fragrant when we kiss her, as if like perfume perfume.

Some photos I will show you all, hope you like it. For women and men who love flowers, you must plant these flowers. Everyone who sees it will love the flower.

Apakabar kalian semuanya? Semonga kalian baik-baik saja! Amin. Saya akan memberikan foto bunga kepada kalian semuanya, tapi saya tidak mengetahui nama bunga tersebut. Harus tanya sama ahli bunga baru tau nama bunga tersebut.

Bunga ini merupapakan bunga yang sangat indah, warna bunga itu berwarna kuning. Pokoknya tidak akan suka ketika kita melihatnya, apalagi bosa menyentuh bunga tersebut. Bunga ini harum ketika kita menciumi nya, seakan-akan seperti wangi parfum.

Beberapa foto akan saya perlihatkan kepada kalian semuanya, semoga kalian menyukainya. Bagi wanita-wanita maupun lelaki yang menyukai bunga, kalian harus tanam bunga ini. Setiap orang yang melihatnya akan menyukai bunga tersebut.





Thanks you very much for seeing and reading my post



Regars From Me



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This is a very beautiful shot. I totally like it.

Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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Bunga yang indah teman, sangat cocok di tanam di halaman rumah.


Benar sekali bg bilang nya, bg bisa mencoba untuk menanam nya di halaman rumah.