📷 Thanksgiving Reflections and Rainbows

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Seeing lots of rainbows lately. They're subtle. Often times I catch them on camera between the trees, where the light is filtered. Today, I notice a rainbow on the topside of the clouds. Do you ever stop and wonder about those oceans of clouds up there? Must be heavenly from the bird's perspective. I feel grateful for this thought.

My gratitude is a subtle gratitude, like this. It may not even show up as a smile on my face, but on the inside, my heart beats fast as I see these rainbows, in the sky, in the people... I imagine there must be a twinkle in my eyes, lately, feeling so very starry and happy.

Still, with the Thanksgiving holiday, I am humbled by the quietness of my voice, so often holding back the words to say how truly grateful I am. I feel a bit sad about it, actually, wishing the happy little tears and the sweet words of gratitude would come more naturally for me.

The thoughts are there now, and I'm glad for them. In this moment, thinking of the lady I walk with, and the kids we play with, and all the other people we call home, these subtle rainbows arrive. And then I remember I am a rainbow, in a way, shining through every color I am.

🌞 🌜 🌟

Austin-Greenbelt015.jpg Gabriel shows me a little rock, just before tossing it into a creek. This is his entry in a contest the kids invented, called "tiny splash."

Yesterday, some dear friends hosted us for a "Despacho" ceremony, which is essentially an offering we made to the spirit realm. For this, we collected leaves, flowers, seeds, and other beautiful natural findings, which we then assembled as a colorful mandala, like an altar space, where we shared songs and prayers.


I was feeling shy, and so I kind of hid behind my camera. I think my moodiness shows up in these pictures. Thankfully, I was able to lighten up a bit through the time in nature, snapping photos, capturing the brilliance and beauty all around us.


A Note About My Steemit Hiatus

My computer crashed a few months ago. It was such terrible timing, right in the end stages of a $7K video project. I lost my work, and lost nearly all of my personal passion projects. Thankfully, I had already delivered the first draft of this project, and so I was able to work with the first deliverable as the "raw" footage to move forward with. Still, it was a big loss.

During the time of my computer crash (a broken hard-drive), my partner was out of town on a 9-day retreat in New Mexico. It was the longest stretch she's ever been away from our kids, and so it was the longest stretch of my solo responsibility as a parent. And so, with these factors and others, in my fragile state, the computer crash felt devastating to me.

It was the fourth time in the past year when I encountered a major ego trip. Almost like near-death experiences, these events brought me face-to-face with the person I am, inviting me to check in, and make critical choices to face the future me. In this case, I saw that I had way too much of my identity trapped in this machine. It was an imbalance that led to overwork, energy drains, fatigue... and time away from what matters most: real connection.

So, I've been slow to return to Steemit. In fact, this is the first post I've made since the time of the crash. Happy to report that I'm doing well now. My computer was fixed within two weeks, with a fresh new hard-drive, and I was able to successfully complete the video project. Sadly, the personal passion projects are gone, but fortunately the person behind them is still alive, and his memory is strong.

The rainbow, and something more.

This is my personal favorite among the many attempts to document the rainbows I saw yesterday. If you look closely, you can see a rainbow spectrum on the tops of the clouds, and this is the phenomenon I noted in the words above. First time I've seen this. Have you ever noticed anything like it? Let me know your story, will you?

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It is nice to see a post from you, I have been keeping an eye out from time to time, although I have been absent myself I occasionally check in.
My health has made it hard to post, or indeed engage in any postable pursuits. It has also stripped back my life considerably to the point that I too see clearly the ones I treasure. Sometimes it is hard to see a silver lining when I see them suffer because of my circumstances, but I see them so clearly. Every moment when I allow the light in they shine like the angels that they are for me.
The vision quest gave me and continues to give me perspective and gratitude.

Feels really good to hear from you, sister. Thank you. I am glad to hear you're still able to let the light in and see the way your family loves you so. I honor you for the light you've modeled for your children, showing them what it means to be a light bearer, so they can bear the light for you in this time. In my eyes, I see your heart as a candle, lit with love, holding an everlasting flame. 🔥💛✨

I was happy to see this post from you today, and resonated with much of your words. I think these last few months have been pretty Intense for everyone. The astrology has been pretty hellacious — LOTS of big, energetic shifts. Everyone is Growing, big time. I know my relationships have undergone massive shifts, and how I relate to my creativity has changed a lot in just the last two weeks. It’s heavy stuff. Hang in there. The light is coming! I can feel it in my bones.

Thank you! Glad to know it's a shared feeling, and I'm not alone in the waves. Feels good to hear you say "hang in there," as it gives me the impression the boat will keep us afloat as long as we're willing to hold on firmly for the ride. 🌊💦🐋

And I’ve been seeing a lot of rainbows, too. 🙂 I saw at least three on Thanksgiving day alone! 💕

Fun!!! 🌈💎

Computer problems 😕
I'm so technically challenged it doesn't take much to crash me!
Sorry about your material.
Very happy to see you posting

Happy to be back, my friend, thank you.

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